Whether you’re a freelancer or just temporarily working a home, you may have noticed how important it is to create designated space to work from. Women that work on their bed or at the kitchen counter may find that they’re not as productive as they desire to be. The reason? Often it’s because you’re utilizing spaces for work, that you generally use for other purposes. 

You’ve trained your body that the bed equals sleep. For instance, if you’re used to sleeping in bed, your body will naturally start to relax and unwind whenever you’re on the bed. That’s why creating a peaceful and productive designated work space, at home, is so important for freelancers, telecommuters, and budding entrepreneurs. We’ve curated a few tips to help you get set up properly!

focus on all day comfort

Sitting at a kitchen counter or trying to work with your back hunched over a coffee table isn’t going to cut it long-term. It doesn’t matter how comfortable you think you are in those positions; if you’re going to work for extended periods of time then comfort is a top priority.

Find a cute (but functional) desk to use only for work. Make sure it can hold everything you need and has plenty of surface space. Next, get yourself a comfortable office chair with a good back. There is a wide variety of ergonomic office chairs, the goal is to find one that adequately supports your back and keeps you comfortable while you’re working.

don’t get too comfortable

It may sound like a smart idea to keep things like snacks and your coffee machine near your work desk, for convenience. But it’s actually better to keep those things in the kitchen as usual. This forces you to get up now and then to stretch your legs, and helps to break the monotomy and redundancy of being in the same spot all day.

This might seem like a very small thing, but you’d be surprised at how much a little stretch and help your workday at home. It will help you stay a little more active, and having time to stretch means you can focus your thoughts and clear out any distractions before you get back to work.

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decorate for productivity

No matter where you work, it’s important that you focus on the decor around you as well. Some people find it much easier to work when their desk is facing a blank wall because it’s less distracting and you’re less likely to have your thoughts drift and wander. Others prefer to see motivational quotes that remind them to work hard, and sometimes people like to work near windows.

Whatever you choose, the goal is to make it non-distracting so that you can focus on your work, but also to make it relaxing so that if you do peer past your computer screen or get up to walk and stretch a little, then you have something peaceful and relaxing to look at. This is especially important if you work long hours at a computer because it can help to ease the strain on your eyes.

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get some rest

Even if you don’t work in your bedroom, it’s important that you create a peaceful sleeping environment. Start with the bed. Find a bed that is inviting to you… look at different styles from a cozy farm bed to a platform bed with lots of pillows. You want something that helps you relax and unwind. Especially if you’re going to be working in the same environment that you live in.

The goal here is to get to sleep as fast as possible, but also to wake up feeling refreshed and comfortable. Since you’re working at home, you don’t have that commute time to force yourself to wake up and it’s all too common that at-home workers and freelancers oversleep because they’ve not trained their bodies to get up and feel refreshed first thing in the morning. The right bedroom, you’ll be able to kick-start your day and get off to a fantastic start.

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