It’s no secret that I’m the biggest believer in the power of a side hustle and exploring your creative and entrepreneurial talents. But selling your product or service online successfully can be challenging. Whether you’re trying to get your side hustle going or you’re knee-deep in full-time business, we’ve got you covered.

As e-commerce platforms continue to become more user-friendly and more and more people are shopping online, there’s a huge market for online retail business. But this area of growth is not just for product-driven businesses. If you’re a creative, a writer, a photographer, or a graphic designer, there are customers that need what you have to offer!

pick your platform

Squarespace and WordPress are both popular favorites to build and host any type of website. Both have a robust list of features and plugins to ensure that your websites looks professional and is easily managed, and with the right VPS you’ll be launched and selling in no time.

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows users to build out an online store. If your business is primarily product based this platform is worth a look.

Etsy is a favorite destination, for sellers and customers, for unique handmade and vintage products. You won’t have your own individual website but you also won’t have to worry about website design, but you will have the functionality of one and exposure to Etsy’s robust audience.

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know your numbers

start-up costs

Even if you opt for one of the free platforms to sell your products, you may still have some upfront costs associated with launching your business. If you opt for Shopify, Squarespace, or WordPress, determine what your initial investment will be taking into account securing a domain name, graphic design, and any additional plugins or add-ons.

monthly costs

Your monthly hosting fees are predictable, but you need to have a general understanding of variable costs that are a part of your doing business. From packaging and shipping to branding and advertising, don’t forget to plan for the additional costs of doing business.

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set your apart


Great product photography is the easiest way to boost your sales conversion rate and regularly attract new customers. Whether you’re selling handmade candles or digital photography, there are many clever ways to make your product pages look professional and stand out.

social marketing

One of the best ways to reach customers through social media is to engage and attract new buyers. Most platforms allow you to run discount specials, clearance and offer coupon codes easily. But social media marketing can be time-consuming; so you’ll want to have a strategy for posting, follow-up, customer service, and order fulfillment!

You’ll also want to make sure that what you post is attractive and makes customers want to buy from you. Get creative. Show behind-the-scenes candid pics as well as staged marketing images. The goal is to not be to salesy and overwhelming but to be strategic and effective and get the sale!