There are things that we avoid doing or pursuing because we worry about what others will think.  Sometimes we even talk ourselves out of doing something different because it’s not the norm. But when we hold ourselves back from doing new things or pursuing something different, we really hold ourselves back from living a full life. 

When we take risks we open ourselves up to new possibilities, even if we fail we now know it’s possible. But when we think of everything as something ‘someone else would do’ we box ourselves in. It’s time to take off the reigns and remember that you weren’t born to live in fear or routine… you were born to be happy, wild, and free!

create a bucket list

Having a bucket list allows you to (continuously) add things that you want to do in your lifetime. It’s simple to implement. Grab a dedicated notebook and start listing things that you want to do but haven’t. This might include getting your passport, traveling to Dubai, buying your first home alone, going skydiving, participating in Habitat for Humanity – you get the point. Then, start planning, whether that means saving, doing the legwork, or setting aside time to ensure that you intentionally work towards achieving each item on your list.

Each time you complete a task, you cross it off, with the end goal of living a life full of experiences that you’re proud of. To help you get started with your own bucket list, we’ve listed a few, that we all should have on our lists, below.

live alone

Even if just for a year, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to live alone. From creating your own routine, learning how to manage your finances and developing your personal style to walking around naked and figuring out how to entertain yourself in solitude, there are many benefits to living alone. Being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely… it just means that you have more time to love on you!

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Traveling exposes you to different cultures, environments, and ways of life. When we live in one or two places all of our lives we have a limited perspective. Broaden your scope by traveling. 

This doesn’t mean that every try has to be a grand vacation. Keep it simple to start… visit a neighboring city or state. Spend a few days taking in the local atmosphere and enjoying what each place has to offer. Who knows you may just find your future home in the process.

tip: While we never advocate for going into debt to travel… if you have an opportunity that you don’t want to miss out on and your current financial situation won’t allow you to take advantage of it, look into a small personal loan from your credit union or from a finance company like Bonsai Finance.

do what you love

We spend more than 1/3 of every 24 hour period at work. And most of the time it’s doing something that we’re not very passionate about. Life is far to short to not do work that you love. Think of all the things you’re good at, your skill set, and industries that you get excited about and create a list of your dream jobs. Then, even if you have to continue doing what you’re currently doing to make ends meet, start working towards getting the job you really want. This may mean taking a few classes, getting a specialty certification, or networking to gain the connections you’ll need to get your foot in the door. Be ready and willing to do the work… it will be well worth it in the end.

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get uncomfortable

There are many things that scare us, from bungee jumping to zip lining or maybe even asking for a raise at work to quitting your job and starting something new. But getting out of your comfort zone and pursuing the desires of your heart (even if they are a little petrifying) will help you live a happy fulfilled life!

Don’t allow fear or a limited mindset to hold you back from truly experiencing life!

forgive someone who hurt you

An unforgiving heart is a heavy heart and sometimes our inability to forgive someone else for what they’ve done to us actually holds us back from moving forward. Forgiving someone is as much for your peace of mind as theirs. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean that you agree with what was done, nor does it mean that you are forgetting it.

It means that you are letting go of the stronghold that that person has had over your life because of the grudge or ill feelings that you’ve been carrying around for them. Let go… don’t continue to allow anyone to occupy your spiritual space, that doesn’t deserve it.

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