It doesn’t matter whether you’re a mompreneur, climbing the corporate ladder, or exploring your options… money can get tight – for all of us! If you’re like most women, you make it work. But there are strategies that can help you get your head above the water and keep enjoying your life!

evaluate your expenses

When considering how to cut back on our expenses, make sure you look at areas that you may not have thought of before.

  • Get quotes for your home and car insurance every year. Since this is an expense that we sometimes put on autopilot, you could be missing out on hundreds, or thousands, in savings each year. 
  • Get smart with food shopping. Check out stores like Lidl and Aldi – where you get quality food choices at a fraction of the cost… sure you may have to bag your own groceries at Aldi but the savings are worth it.
  • Enjoy your downtime in the daytime. Don’t cut weekend fun completely out of your budget, but while you’re getting your finances on track, keep money in your pocket by taking advantage of lunch specials, early bird specials, happy hours, Groupon deals and matinees. You’ll still be enjoying your life… just with less cost!
  • Get your hair done on Tuesday or Wednesday. Many salons offer discounted rates on these days. Same style, less money = win/win.

3 Simple ways to be more intentional with your money

take care of your home… but be smart about it

You can decorate, maintain, and improve your home and not break the bank, but there is work involved. For example, if you’ve been wanting to upgrade your kitchen to a more high-end look with new countertops or shaker style units, the first thing you’ll want to do is head to your local furniture store. But you don’t want to buy just yet.

Price compare your local stores and write down the manufacturer of the items that you’re interested in. Then, go online and see if you’re able to get the same items but less expensive. Often times you can buy right from the manufacturer, direct.

If not, always negotiate. Never pay full price. 

tip: Check the scratch and dent section. Many times that new refrigerator you want is being offered for hundreds less because there’s a dent on the side or top. 


A vacation or trip shouldn’t deplete your bank account. Have a budget and stick to it. Decide on a daily spending allowance and stick to it.

Always check comparison sites for flights. Consider catching your plane in the middle of the night for cheaper fares and be sure to check sites that specialize in last minute hotel bookings (like Hotel Tonight). Or, sites like Priceline that offer discounts on flights and hotel stay or car rental when booked together.  A change of scenery can help clear your head, refocus your thoughts and see your return to life feeling refreshed with your batteries recharged – but it shouldn’t leave you with financial worries when you return.