The world would be a different place if all bosses were genuinely good and thoughtful people. If managers and corporate leaders were kind and considerate when talking to you about your role in their organization, working with them would be an absolute dream. Unfortunately, in most work situations, this is not the case. And to make matters worse, most bad bosses don’t show their true colors until you have accepted the job and settled into your position.

So, what’s next? Are you going to toss up your hands and start the search for a brand new position? In some situations, that may not be such a bad idea. 

But, if you’re not quite ready to throw in the towel and resign that job you otherwise love, you’ve got to find ways to make the best of a bad situation. Here are a few tactics you can use to make working with a bad boss that much better.

be sure it’s them and not you

Do a little introspection. It’s important that you try to work out whether it is actually your boss who is at fault. There are some situations where you could be the one being too hard on your manager or boss. And you may be pegging them as a bad boss without any concrete reasons. Do a gut check and make sure that you’re not the one that may need an attitude adjustment. 

In the meantime, maintain your perspective and try to build a bridge. Remember, cultivating a good working relationship with your boss is going to take effort from both sides. Don’t expect your manager to make all the changes and improvements. You’re going to have to meet him or her halfway, and reminding yourself that your boss is a human, first and foremost, is a good place to start.

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don’t allow it to affect your quality of work

One of the main things to remember is to continue working to a high standard even when you are having problems with your boss. When you’re already on the out’s with the person that you work for, the last thing you want to do is to give them ammunition. Never allow your work ethic or quality of work to be compromised because of issues you’re having with someone else!

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explore your options

Sometimes working with a bad boss crosses the line. Don’t ignore the signs that things are going too far. If you manager is racist, overly aggressive or behaves in inappropriate manners that make you feel uncomfortable, it’s time to seek help. Consider getting advice from another manager, your human resources department or it may even be time to seek legal advice from a legal expert like: 

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you may not be alone

Sharing your experience is not gossip. You need to feel comfortable talking to co-workers about what’s happening to you in the workplace. You may find that others have had similar experiences but have been scared to speak up. Whether the next step is to consider taking action or maybe even recruiting others with the idea of starting (or joining) an employees union (, there is always strength in numbers and it’s empowering to know that you are not alone.