Do you always feel underwater when it comes to your finances? Like you make money only to have it slip through your fingers moments later? You’re not alone. 

Feeling broke and like you’ll never have enough is not a good feeling. However, it’s important to note that this feeling could be one of the reasons you’re not living the lifestyle that you want.

Sound strange? Let’s talk more about it below.

the real reason you’re in lack

Most things in life come down to mindset. Your mindset and how you feel about certain things in your life will determine how they work for you. For example, if you have negative thoughts and feelings about romantic relationships in general, it will affect the success of your personal relationships. The same goes for money.

If you hold beliefs like:

  • Money is hard to come by
  • I’m not the kind of person who will have a lot of money
  • Money is the root of all evil
  • Wanting material things is greedy 
  • I’ll never have enough money to live the life of my dreams

You’re limiting yourself from being open to receiving money.

3 Simple ways to be more intentional with your money

Your mindset and thoughts around a certain subject will also influence your actions.

Women who foster a poverty or lack mindset will use their money for things that only bring them short-term satisfaction, rather than long-term wealth. It’s because, despite the desires of their hearts and the dreams that they have for themselves, they don’t truly believe that they can achieve it or that they even deserve it.

how to change your mindset

The goal is to fully adopt a mindset of abundance and overflow. Yes, it’s possible even if your bank account is currently in the negative. 

Here’s how:

  • Start noticing all of the good you have in your life. Feel true gratitude for your family, friends, job, home, and life itself. When you have gratitude for little, you will have true appreciation for much!
  • Be thankful for even bit of money that comes to your hands and your bank account.
  • Read books that help you adopt new behaviors; like ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ and ‘Think And Grow Rich’. If you read a book that doesn’t do it for you, it’s okay. Some will resonate with you, others may not. What’s important is that you are always learning about how to make money, how to manage it properly, and how to have your money work for you. 
  • Start taking action. Read reviews by the Motley Fool to supercharge your savings and get out of debt. Open a new account to build your emergency fund. Cut up your credit cards. Speak to a financial advisor.

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When your mindset begins to change, you’ll start acting differently, too. You’ll feel inspired to take smart actions with your finances, rather than repeat the patterns you’ve been repeating your entire life. You really do have the power to change your life, and that power lies in your mind!