Today’s highly competitive job market can leave you feeling that you should be grateful for any job offer that comes your way. Many people say yes to employment out of desperation. But in a strong job economy, the opposite is actually true. You are the commodity. 

Don’t downplay the value that you add to a potential position or work place. You are valuable and your skills, abilities, and personality may actually be in high demand. See yourself as an asset and look out for your best interests.

don’t make a rushed decision 

Sometimes when we’re in need of income, we will apply for any and every type of job. Honestly, we’re just hoping someone will hire us. Then, we find ourselves pleasantly surprised when we actually get more than our fair share of offers.

If you need more time to think about it, ask for it. Be sure to maintain your gratitude, and stick to your promise. Take your time to make a well thought out decision, but respond by the date you specified. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to snag the job you’ve been wanting.


If you’re not used to negotiating your compensation, just the idea can be intimidating. After all, you should be happy they offered you a job at all, right? Not so fast! 

don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself

There may be certain things that you need in life in order to do the job properly. Be confident that what you have to offer is worth negotiating for. Consider things like telecommuting, paid time off, your benefits package, and your pay. 

Be sure that you ask for help with understanding your contract, before you sign, especially if there are things that seem a little murky. Then, give yourself enough time to consider if everything matches up with your expectations. This doesn’t mean that you’ll get everything you’ve asked for during the negotiation but it will ensure that you’re comfortable with the terms of employment. 

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know when it’s okay to say no

It’s okay if you decide that a particular job opportunity is not for you. Be sure to decline a job offering with gratitude and respect, you don’t want to burn bridges. And you never know when you will encounter this specific company, recruiter, or recruitment agency again.  

Be professional and polite. Show respect for the time they invested in your hiring process and keep the line of communication open for future opportunities that may be a better fit.

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