It’s enchanting to talk about moving to another part of the country. We all dream of living somewhere new and creating a completely different life for ourselves. However, when it comes time to actually doing it and facing the practical aspects of relocation, things can be a little less dreamy and a little scarier.

Don’t worry. This is normal. Anytime we introduce something new to our lives, our minds put up resistance. It’s a protection mechanism. One that we don’t have to succumb to and if we do, can actually hold us back from some amazing experiences. 

So, before you allow fear to suffocate your dreams of moving… here are a few tips to make your plan of transition a little easier. 

get to know the area

If you’re wanting to move somewhere that you’ve never been before, you’ll want to at least take a trip there first. Spend a few days observing. Pay attention to traffic patterns. Drive through different areas to see where you feel most comfortable. Don’t make this trip into a vacation. This time should be spent really soaking up as much as you can about your (potential) future home.

are you ready for the move of a lifetime - Tiffany Nicole Forever Blog

make connections before you move

If you’re moving for work, you have a terrific opportunity to meet new people before you arrive! Ask the recruiter or manager you’re working with to put you in contact with a few of your future work colleagues. Try to meet up with them during your trip there. You’ll not only feel more comfortable about your move, but you’ll have made some new friends as well.

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getting settled in

Even though you’ve done the work. You took a trip to the area and you have a general idea of what you like about your future home… but not so fast. There are things that you still may not know. From crime rates to commute times, there are some aspects of your new home that only experience will provide.

This is one of many reasons why it’s so important to work with local real estate agents to find your new home. They’ll have the local knowledge to provide insight on the best neighborhoods and communities, school districts, and entertainment. Don’t make the costly mistake of falling in love with a new apartment or home, only to find that it’s in an unsavory area of town. Let the professionals help you!

are you ready for the move of a lifetime - Tiffany Nicole Forever Blog