If you wake up in the morning dreading your day, or find yourself anxious before you’ve even brushed your teeth… it’s time to do something different. You may have convinced yourself that you’re just tired or don’t like your job. And while it may be true… these are also symptoms of burnout

Burnout doesn’t get better. It only gets worse and if you’ve noticed that your energy and mood have been on a consistent decline or that your anxiety levels have spiked, it’s time to start developing habits that lessen the stress.

don’t overdo it

If you’re constantly working long hours trying to get everything on your to-do list done, you may need to find ways to cut back on your responsibilities. You can only push yourself so hard. When you work long hours, starting early and finishing late, you negatively affect any semblance of work-life balance.

Be sure that you’re prioritizing. Create time for your family and friends and don’t forget to schedule ‘me time’ for the other areas of your life that don’t involve work or responsibility. Think about how you can free up time, so that you’re able to manage both your professional and personal life effectively.

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create a manageable lifestyle… that includes your work

Creating peace of mind isn’t limited to your home and personal life. It’s important that you find ways to make your work life easier too.

  • Start prioritizing your tasks.
  • Create a realistic schedule so you know what has to be done and when. Then, manage your time accordingly. 
  • Find apps or software like the one on this website to automate your sales process, streamline your projects, and manage your tasks.
  • Don’t forget to delegate. If you’re a small business owner consider outsourcing jobs that weigh down your day but provide little ROI. Freelancers can be a lifesaver when you’re trying to find ways to lessen your load and don’t want or aren’t ready for the expense of hired staff.

give yourself permission to be human

Remember you are only human. Don’t let others impose on you. There will be times that you need to say ‘no,’ just to maintain your personal sanity. You don’t have to add more work or responsibility to your already busy schedule. If you have to try to figure out how to move things around to make something new work… it might be better to say no, rather than risk burnout, because you’ve spread yourself too thin.

know when things are getting out of hand

If you think you’re already on the brink of burnout, it’s time to put your health before everything. Take a vacation, even if it’s only a 3 day weekend. Decompress. Spend some time evaluating the things that really matter and challenge yourself to cut back on what’s currently burning you out.

Consider how to incorporate some of these things. Think of ways to incorporate daily rituals that bring calm and personal wellness. Then, set the plan in motion. Don’t take a break and then go right back to being the overworked stressed out person again… take back your life!