We all know that research shows that it takes 21 days to create a habit. From trying to incorporate new fitness habits or trying to stick to the latest eating plan… we’ve all been told the same thing “good habits create successful lives”. But the often overlooked part is that we don’t always have to make monumental changes in life to get the results we seek.

Sometimes it’s the little changes that have the greatest impact. You just have to know where to begin. So we’re sharing our top habits to help you start seeing the change you seek in life!

develop a morning and nighttime routine

Having a good morning routine, has the power to jumpstart your day. It’s because when you start your day with intention, you’re centered and focused. But just as dedicated time in the morning is powerful, so is a good nighttime ritual.

Mentally and physically preparing yourself for the day ahead reduces anxiety and boosts confidence. This doesn’t just mean running around preparing your lunch for the next day or getting out your clothes. Think about it a little differently.

  • Put your phone away an hour before you turn in, to allow for mental decompression.
  • Read a chapter of that book you’ve been ignoring.
  • Journal about your day and all that you’re grateful for.
  • Write down at least one thing that you want to accomplish tomorrow and spend time envisioning yourself completing it.

My Intentional Morning by Tiffany Nicole

check-in on yourself

Each week do a week-in-review. It’s like a personal self-check. Grab a notebook and go through what didn’t go so well, what worked, and what you think you could do better. We do this all the time when it comes to the products we use or the people that are in our lives… but when’s the last time you had some dedicated introspective time to review how you are operating in your own life?

Doing this weekly gives you the opportunity to reinforce the things you love (regular exercise and attending therapy). It also helps you to stop or reduce doing things that don’t work for you (like partying too hard on the weekends or depleting your bank account). And you’ll also have the opportunity to think through the things that you’ve been wanting to try, like hot yoga or kickboxing… or maybe even algorithmic trading so that you can start learning how to build a stock portfolio.

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nix the negativity

Words have power and we often limit our own progress through negative thinking and self-talk. It can be as small as telling yourself “I hate people” or “I’m not good at public speaking” to “I’ll never have a job that I actually like.” Recognizing how often you speak negatively to yourself, takes self-awareness. But it’s important to acknowledge the subconscious beliefs that you’re reinforcing. You’ve been telling yourself these narratives for a while, so it may take some work to uproot them. But it starts with acknowledgment.

tip: Start dismantling these limiting beliefs by taking away their power. While it may be true that the reason you didn’t get that last job you applied for because you completely bombed several of the scenario questions. But let’s be honest, that doesn’t mean that you completely suck at job interviews. Stop telling yourself that and instead start focusing on how you can improve and prepare for the next opportunity.

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it’s okay to not say ‘yes’

We live in a time when we shouldn’t have to do anything that doesn’t bring us joy.

Stop saying yes to every opportunity out of obligation or habit.

Whether it’s that monthly blogger networking event that you just aren’t vibing with any more or the baby shower that you really don’t want to attend, evaluate whether these commitments will add anything positive to your life. And be honest with yourself about why you are really going. If it’s out of pressure or guilt, it’s probably safe to say this isn’t something you really want to do. These decisions are always handled better on the front end, so take some time to really consider invitations or requests for help before you say “yes”. You’ll thank us for it later!