Did you know that the peak number of IT jobs held by women was in 1991 when we reached a measly 36 percent? By 2017, that number had dropped to 25 percent, and it’s still declining. Why is this happening? It’s possible that the tech industry isn’t attractive to women.

Or, it could be that this male-dominated industry is difficult to navigate and find success. Whatever the reason, there are still quite a few perks to working in the tech industry and if you’ve considered it before, it may be worth another look. Here’s why:

low entry barriers

Tech isn’t just one of the fastest growing industries. It’s also a growing program of study at many colleges. From technical schools to post-secondary programs, most colleges and universities offer full IT courses, and continuing ed or certification programs too. 


The tech sector is one of the most powerful industries in the world today, and it’s growing at a phenomenal rate. It will be even more important in the future, due to growth in artificial intelligence and coding. This constantly evolving industry needs a constant supply of qualified applicants. Job security and career growth = a win-win for you!


If you’re looking to make good money right out the gate… a career in tech is definitely worth your attention. With entry-level positions starting as high as fifty thousand, you’ll want to secure a position that needs someone with your specific skill set. And if you’re thinking of going it alone, your presence is surely needed. In 2017, women only owned 5 percent of tech startups. That means there’s room for you and your creative genius!

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There are plenty of amazing options for careers in the tech world. For example, every business in the world today needs the services of an IT consulting company. Companies now want people on staff to ensure that emergencies can be dealt with quickly and networks security can be handled in-house.