Being a creative woman in the traditional work environment can be difficult. The simplicity of the traditional office setting may stifle your creativity. If you’ve been feeling stifled in your current work setting, you may also find yourself daydreaming about breaking free and doing something you love and enjoy.

You may be wondering how to follow your dreams… in a profitable way. The good news is that we live in a time when being a creative can be very lucrative.  Whether you decide to explore your options through a side hustle, using sites like and to gain experience while earning money; or maybe you decide to collaborate with a company like to create a website and go it alone.

The most important thing is setting yourself up for success by doing research and getting your feet wet before you take the ultimate leap. Let’s look at a few creative money-making options to help you get started.

Event coordination.

When we here the title event coordinator, we often think of wedding and corporate event planners. However, a modern event coordinator is more of a project manager. They have the ability to manage massive budgets, vendors and contractors, all while maintaining an amazing attention to detail.

Smaller, more boutique event coordinators often make small impactful events their specialty. They curate experiences for their clients, often focusing on intimate affairs.

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If you have an eye for the perfect shot, photography might be your perfect match. Get the proper training by taking a few classes and build your portfolio with discounted or free photoshoots. Then, choose a niche. You may enjoy live action photography, real estate photography, or even wedding and event photography. Another type of photography with growing demand (and the ability to create residual income) is stock photography. Stock photos are needed for everything from marketing graphics to book covers. And since all types of photography qualify, this niche is a win-win. Read here to learn more.

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Graphic Designer.

Graphic design has been an outlet for creatives looking to monetize their genius for a long time. But new technology and the internet allow for new ways to make money. While traditionally graphic designers were known for logo and marketing design, times are changing. For example, a graphic designer can now specialize in online graphics or social media marketing graphics. But many graphic designers still prefer creating dynamic marketing campaigns or print design.

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Content is king for many companies, and there are plenty out there who look for great content creators to write for them. If you’ve got a knack for telling stories and can play with words in a way that makes people want to read what you have to say, then blogging or ghostwriting could be for you.

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