Being a successful blogger means more than just putting up posts every now and then. From building a consistent reader base and a strong social media following to making your blog visually appealing and attractive to your target audience, there’s a lot that goes into creating a successful blog. If you’re considering starting a blog, or are ready to take your existing one to the next level, here are a few tips to help you get started.

identify your passion or your genius

Don’t try to reinvent yourself.  If you have a career or a special skill use the knowledge and expertise that you already have to become a thought leader. Are you a great cook? Share recipes, tips, and images of your creations. If you work in public relations, share information that a budding entrepreneur will find useful.

What’s important is that you understand that you don’t have to be someone new to attract others. You likely already have everything you need to get started and help others.

reuse, repurpose, recycle content

It might sound odd, but recycling and reusing your older content can be a clever way to reach more people and gain more traction with your audience. For example, if you created a post during the first few months of blogging, find ways to update it and make it more appealing. Update your photos, expand or shorten the content, and add links to other similar posts.

*This is a great tip to remember for when you are out of inspiration and you need something to share.

imagery is everything

Blogging isn’t limited to just words anymore. Your blog can be anything you decide to share with your audience. If you have a passion for photography, create gallery posts of images you’ve taken. Give life to your images by describing them to your audience from your point of view. Be creative and share what feels right to you at the time.

keep in touch

Having a great site is no longer enough. You’ll need to put in the effort to grow your audience and readership by sharing content via social media. Then, keep in contact with your audience on a more personal level via email. 

Start simple.

Add subscriber boxes to your blog to capture your reader’s email addresses. Create a bi-weekly email newsletter and share exclusive content or a new post with your subscribers. Looking for software for newsletters? Try postman or MailChimp. Each service is easy to use and has templates to take the guesswork out of the process. 


Yes, there’s networking among bloggers. The more you connect with other bloggers in your niche or local area the better. You will have the connections needed for blog collaborations, interviews, or link sharing.