It seems like right around the time that you’ve mastered your job, is right when you start to lose your motivation. Most women see this as a sign that things have gotten sedentary or that they’re ready for something different… but sometimes you just need to make a few changes to get back to a blissful-work state. 

make work friends

Get to know the people you work with. While I’m not an advocate for blurring too thin between personal and professional – it doesn’t hurt to have a few people at the office that you look forward to seeing. Whether you seek out a mentor relationship with someone that’s in a position you’re aspiring to or just having a work buddy a few cubicles down – either way, if you haven’t started connecting with your colleagues, you may be missing out on a few lifelong relationships.

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surround yourself in inspiration

If you want to start feeling more inspired then

Don’t let your desk or your workspace be a mood killer. Add a few things that personalize the space for you. Things that help you perk up – like, a few photos, affirmation cards or a daily quote calendar. Take your favorite coffee mug to work with you or even a small plan. The goal is to surround yourself with things that invoke motivation and happiness.

Tip: Everyday, seek out something quick but motivating to read or listen to. There are infographics or quick blog posts, podcasts or audiobooks, that can help keep us focused and driven. Here’s one of my favorite infographics:  view the infographic by clicking here.

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We often don’t associate lack of motivation with lack of self-care, but the two go hand in hand. Make sure that you’re taking the time to truly care for yourself. Are you taking personal time to reflect on who you are, who you want to be, and what you’re doing to become that person? Do you get enough sleep or get in a daily workout? Are you destressing at night? … or just getting ready for the next day without stopping?

Be sure to set aside time dedicated to your own personal development and well-being. Stop missing therapy appointments, eating the wrong foods, and being erratic with your finances. When you care for yourself, you’re motivated to achieve your goals!

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