Finding success as an entrepreneur is not impossible. Especially if you make sure that you’re presenting yourself and your business in a way that makes it impossible not to take you seriously. Not sure where to start? We’ve got a few simple tips to help you get started.

present yourself properly

We’re not talking about being dressed to impress or having a neat office. This is about how you present your business to the world. Whether through your logo, website, signage, or branding – your appearance is important. Follow this guide on How To Create A Business Vision Board on a professional image for your business. Establish a color code for your company that embodies your company’s character. A dress code conveys a certain message, so be sure to dress for the occasion. Invest in good concise brandings like business cards, billboards, and ads to target your clients.

Similarly, you’ll want to also invest in solutions that help your business appear larger or more established than it is.

  • Get a PO box with UPS, it comes with an actual physical address for your business. Or consider a virtual mailbox using a company like – mail forwarding address. 
  • Host meetings at a co-working space like Roam, instead of meeting at a coffee house. 
  • Make sure your email address ends in your website URL instead of Gmail or yahoo.
  • Use the services of an SEO expert to help your website rank higher in search engine results.

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focus on customer service

If you really want customers to care about your business, then you need to show that you care about them. This means that customer service should be your top priority. In fact, you’ll likely find yourself putting more effort into customer service than some of your more established competition. It’s because once a company has established a reputation for quality service one or two mishaps may not destroy it. But as a new or small business, one or two poor service experiences can cripple your sales, reputation, and revenue.

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be the boss

Being a business owner means that you’re in charge of more than just the operations… you’re also responsible for your employees. Many female business owners find themselves struggling to manage male employees that may not respect their position. Establish rules and standards for your business as early as possible. This will help to ensure that your team understands that disrespect on the grounds of gender, or anything else for that matter, will not be tolerated. 

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