It’s easy to throw around the term business owner. But being a business owner isn’t just having a great idea or launching a website with products. A business is a complex structure made up of so many different dynamics. As the head of your enterprise, as you expand your business… it’s important that you have a thorough understanding of how to build a strong stable business.

Here are a few things you should be considering –

are your customers are your priority?

The more you focus on your customer approach, the more profitable you’ll be. Create a standard. Get clear on how you expect your customers to be treated. Even if you’re a one-woman-show it’s important that you are firm on your customer service policy. As you add to your staff they should adopt and act out your customer service philosophy. This will help to create consistency and your customers will trust that they can expect great service from your business, no matter who they come in contact with.

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how important are your processes & systems?

If you’re growing your business, but you’re still using the same systems you started with, it might be time for an overhaul. For example, if you own an online store, you probably have thousands of product images and graphics files for your products. Whether you realize it or not, you should have a system for data storage.  That may mean expanding your process to include regular cloud migration. You want to ensure that your valuable images are always backed up. Or if you own a printing business, how often are your machines cleaned or maintained? It’s fine to be a little lax with policy when you’re filling an order here or there but as your volume grows so should your systems.

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are you focused on sales?

Sales are the key to success, no matter what business you’re in. Create a sales approach that resonates with your customers, then teach your staff to implement it. Here’s why – not all businesses are alike. The sales approach that works for a furniture salesman won’t work a woman selling beauty products. You have to understand how to connect with your customer in a way that draws them to your product or service. 

It’s usually the business owner that gets this right initially. They’re passionate about their products. They understand how the product works or the ins-and-outs of the services they provide. And most of all they want to see their ‘baby’ succeed. The tricky part is creating a sales approach that’s duplicatable. Just remember that this often involves hiring the right team… more than the training itself.