Some people spend countless work hours wishing they were outside? It’s a natural draw to not spend your most productive hours indoors. And honestly, while there may be career benefits… there are no physical benefits to all that sitting

Trees, plants, birds, and animals is a great mood booster. Experts believe that being in close proximity to nature also increases your productivity. It’s the reason many modern offices are full of plants and salt lamps. But a ficus tree in the corner of your office is no substitute for the real thing. 

If you’ve ever felt the urge to pursue a career that gave you the ability to commune with nature and not be cooped up all day, it might be time to weigh your options.

the environment

We only have one planet. There is no planet B. And even though most of society ignores the condition of the earth, it’s actually our responsibility to help reverse the damage done by our current and previous generations. Environmental engineers play a key role in this. If you’re passionate about finding ways to mitigate pollution, increase recycling, or reverse the effects of harmful chemicals and waste, this is the career for you. 

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Believe it or not, agriculture is a diverse field with a huge range of potential career fields to explore. Whether you yearn to get your hands dirty, help to organize an agricultural workforce or want to use your sales skills to help local farms to form fecund relationships with distributors and retailers there’s a job in the agricultural industry for you. Plus, this traditionally male-dominated landscape needs a little female power. Check out some of the career options here:

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landscape design

Is your garden the stuff of legend? Do you take the science behind how things grow and manage to turn it into art? Can you easily envision how you would redesign your neighbor’s yard? If so, the life of a landscape architect could be for you. These skills are in high demand. If you are able to combine a love of nature, an understanding of the science of gardening and a little creativity, these talents can be extremely lucrative.