Whether you’re just entering the workforce or you’re an accomplished career woman… we all have our share of workplace challenges unique to our situation. For women, one of those challenges is often a lack of confidence. If you’ve struggled in this area and you are ready to give your confidence a boost, read on – because this post is for you.

find the source

For some people, their lack of confidence is attributed to something specific. For example, you may feel a lack of confidence because of the way you speak, your dialect or your accent. Perhaps you don’t feel confident because of something specific to do with your appearance, a not-so-perfect smile, a few extra pounds, or not-so-appealing jowls?

For others, the root of their lack of confidence is intellectual, a fear of rejection, or they are experiencing imposters syndrome. No matter the reason, there are ways for you to overcome your lack of confidence.

  • Take time to acknowledge why you feel the way that you do. Then, ask yourself if you have a valid reason for concern or are you overthinking and being hard on yourself.
  • Identify areas that you are allowing the opinions of others to affect how you see yourself. Your competitive co-worker may not acknowledge the amazing job you’re doing… but the bonus in your check should validate that you’re on the right track.

 3 powerful tips to discovering your authentic self

say ‘no’… more often

No is a powerful word, and it’s a word that most of us women should use more often. One reason that most of us don’t say ‘no’ as often as we should is that we do not want to let people down. We shoulder the burden of pleasing or appeasing others. However, at work, taking on every task that is thrown your way or that you’re asked to assist with, can leave you over-worked, resentful, and burnt out. 

An unfortunate side-effect of being everyone’s go-to girl, is that you’re often overlooked for specific jobs or duties because your unique skills and abilities often get overshadowed by being the person that’s always willing to help.

And the more often you utter the 3-letter word (yes), the more people will feel comfortable dumping their workload on you. This doesn’t mean that you stop being a team player. It simply means that you pay attention to what others are asking you to do – and why.

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intentionally expand your circle

The more people that know who you are, the greater chance you have of getting where you want to be. Why? Because you will be exposed to others that can help you get where you’re trying to go. That’s why it’s so important to grow your circle and invest in networking opportunities. Seize every opportunity that presents itself, from local events to networking online. Connect with people outside of your professional and social circle that have networks, insight, and influence that you don’t. You never know what doors this could open. Plus, the more people you converse with, sharing your knowledge and perspective, the more confident you will become.