Although there are health risks with any job, there are a few that affect women specifically. Here are a few of the most common concerns for women in the workplace.

being sedentary

With the rising number of office, desk, and at-home jobs, the risk of living a sedentary lifestyle increases. Some health hazards, like obesity, back pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome, are all directly impacted by how much time we spend at our computers. Find opportunities to take breaks, stretch your legs, or find the time to fit in a quick workout before and after work to help you mitigate most of these risks. 


One risk that is present in every career path is stress. Stress can lead to poor decision making, sleep deprivation, physical pain, and chronic illness to name a few. If you’re feeling the strain, you have to know when to stop “powering through it”.

If mornings cause you to stress, implement changes that allow you to have a slower morning. Wake up earlier. Take your time getting ready and give yourself enough space to navigate traffic with ease. Most of the time what causes us the most stress can be avoided or managed with a little attention and willingness to change.

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the unexpected

There are many things that come up in life that we can’t control. From unexpected sickness or family emergencies to personal injury or financial woes, you have to prepare yourself for the things that you can’t control. Put safeguards in place. Create an emergency fund. Eat healthier and exercise more. Be aware of your surroundings and practice personal safety. 

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starting a family

It’s not the most pleasant topic and it’s not what any of us want to hear but the fact is that family planning still stalls many careers for women. While it may be illegal to fire a female employee for being pregnant, but employers still find creative ways to do it. If you’re starting to consider starting a family reach our your employer’s maternity policy early on. And if you’re not in agreement with it, seek out a company that is family-friendly (yes, they do exist).