Some women use rejection and the dreaded ‘no’ as fuel to go even harder for their goals and dreams. While others simply see rejection as a door shut or an opportunity lost. The former are stronger and more resilient because of their hardship… the latter, succumb to it. 

If you want to start using failures as motivation, you have to first change your mindset. You have to become mentally strong. It’s a change that’s easier than you think. Here are four ways mentally strong people deal with rejection differently than most.

they acknowledge their feelings

Have you ever been stood? It’s easy to store your emotions away and convince yourself that “it’s no big deal” and move on quickly. However, it’s okay to not be okay. Give yourself permission to feel your feeling and grow from them. If you don’t, and you continue to bury them, they will eventually start to erode your mental strength

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they see the positive

There is a fine line between acknowledging areas of your life that need improvement and being totally discouraged and defeated. In fact, it’s a choice. You decide how to react to different variables. A job interview is a perfect example.  While not every interview ends with someone becoming a new hire. If you find yourself rejected by a potential employer, remember there’s an opportunity in every adverse situation. Chose to identify why you feel short or maybe even consider that there is likely a better situation still waiting for you. 

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they fight for their best interest

Insurance companies pay out because they are legally obligated to uphold a contract. Still, they are businesses and also want to profit. So, what happens? They often deny payouts on policies according to Unum claims attorneys. And, it works because many people accept the decision as final, without objection.

Mentally healthy people fight back and convince themselves that they can win. They focus on the desired outcome instead of the easy path. 

they learn from their experiences

Through it all, they learn from the experience and never see themselves as failures. For many women, rejection is difficult to learn from because of the feelings and emotions involved.  But when you’re mentally strong you evaluate the situation to see where you could have done better or made better decisions. You pick yourself up and get right back in the ring… swinging.