Women make up around 51% of the total workforce in the US. So why is it that we still suffer when it comes to career development? Sexism is still alive and well, even if it’s not always blatantly obvious. In fact, other factors can influence our careers including the reasons discussed below. 


One reason that our careers can stall is that we still have different responsibilities to the men in our lives. Yes, things are becoming more equal in both the official realm and unofficially in each relationship. However, it is still expected for the most part the woman in the family, due to the biological conditions surrounding birth and nursing a baby takes a break in their career for an extended period.

Of course, this is down to the woman, however, doing so can seriously put in crimp in your career, and even if we do return to work it’s not like will don’t still have a bond with our child are invested emotionally in their upbringing. Something that can make focusing on our careers solely very difficult.

In a perfect world, the idea would be that the responsibility for raising a child would sit on each parents shoulder’s equally. 

One of these is to study to advance your career while balancing your other responsibilities, and you can do this by picking courses such as these online MSN nursing programs and others like them. Something that allows you to get qualified to advance your career no matter what your family situation is.

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Confidence is an essential part of having a successful career.  You need to be able to do the tasks asked of you but also you need to believe that you can! Sadly, for many women confidence in themselves can still be an issue.

Sometimes we are raised to not act confident. We’re told that it may be seen as being cocky or be interpreted as being aggressive. This sort of indoctrination has to stop and it’s something both men and women can contribute to. It all boils down to both sexes no longer seeing a confident woman as a threat. If we start supporting women instead of tearing them down, it will have a massive impact on their confidence.

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Lastly, expectations play a role here. The glass ceiling is higher, but its still in effect and because of this women still see that they have to fight their way to the top of any career.

Sadly, this can become too much. When combined with other expectations such as being a good mother, being attractive, being emotionally supportive, keeping a clean house etc.. It’s why we still need feminism in the workplace and in the home. Without it, women continue to be expected to be everything to everyone, and in turn, they suffer personally.