Do you love to travel but don’t see how you can make it fit financially? Well, with modern technology and a little creativity, traveling and earning a living is more possible than ever. If you’ve been thinking about traveling but need a few ideas on how to generate income, this post is for you!

become an au pair

If you love children and enjoy caring for them, consider becoming an au pair while traveling. Foreign families often welcome this option so that they can expose their children to different languages and customs. You take care of their daily needs and teach them English, often in exchange for a salary, room and board, and a priceless international experience. 

teach while traveling

Follow in AJ Hoge’s footsteps and teach the English language abroad. You may think that teaching English is a boring career option, but you’re helping people and that alone can be rewarding. You will be instrumental in teaching others how to communicate in a new language and potentially help them open up to new opportunities. 

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become a tour guide

If you love history, have a great memory, and a knack for public speaking, becoming a tour guide might be a great fit. This job choice will take a little effort on your part to learn the local native history, but it can be both fun and fulfilling work.

cruise ships

Are you a talented singer or dancer but aren’t really sure what you want to do… but you do want to travel, consider joining a cruise ship crew. You get to travel, get paid, and utilize your talent… win-win.why moving away from the city could be your key to happiness - Tiffany Nicole Forever Blog

freelance while traveling

Not all freelancing is digital. However, the internet has created countless ways for us to make money without time and location limitations. In fact, freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer curate gigs for you. If you have a skill or talent that is in demand, freelancing can be lucrative for you. And since it’s location free, you can work from anywhere!

get paid

No matter where in the world you go to work, the most important aspect for your business, will be the ability to get paid. Companies like PayPal make it easy to convert payments from one currency to another. But, if you do more traditional banking, you’ll want to make sure that your banking institution has international funds transfer. This way, you don’t have to worry about currency conversion.