Many people have websites. If you’re reading this article, you probably do as well. Your website may represent your new business or a personal blog. No matter why you started your site, it won’t matter if no one knows it exists.

You need to put the work in, to ensure that your sites get the traffic you desire. It’s worth looking into some of the common mistakes that may be undermining your website’s potential. Take a look at the following and make the necessary steps needed to put things back in order.

Mistake #1: Not optimizing the site for mobile devices

As we mentioned in our article on creating an effective website, think about those that are browsing the internet from their smart devices. From smartphones to tablet devices, people are using these miniature marvels to look at their favorite sites. If your website hasn’t been optimized for smaller screens, there will be issues with loading times, and the page displays won’t look quite right. 

Mistake #2: Not using available apps and tools

There are many apps and tools available that can enhance your visitor’s experience, and in turn, increase your readership and make you money. Examples? Well, you can get more leads from your website if you install a tracker. Or keep in touch with your visitors with a live chat option. If your site is for e-commerce purposes, there are apps available to enhance the shopping experience.

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Mistake #3: Mixed messages

Your personal website can be used to make money, normally through passive income, but it shouldn’t be confused with a business website. Tales of your life may put off your customers. Also, if your site is geared towards a specific niche, don’t then cover other subjects as this may confuse your reader. A site on baking and recipes shouldn’t then branch out into cars, for example. Know what your site’s purpose is, and if you do want to branch out into other areas, create another website, or make clear distinctions with signposting to specific areas of interest.

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Mistake #4: Creating an unattractive site

If your website is unattractive, your visitors are going to move onto something that is more eye-catching and engaging than your poorly designed mess. By this we mean, endless amounts of pop-ups, unattractive fonts and colors, broken links, and heaps of text without surrounding visual interest. Focus on creating something visually appealing, use high-resolution photographs and a minimalist design to keep visitors interested.

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Mistake #5: Misusing your call-to-action buttons

Call-to-action buttons are there to grab the reader’s attention, and to direct them into specific actions on your site. Examples of call-to-action can be found here. However, if you don’t provide any or have very little, your visitor may know what to do or where to turn on your website. 

Mistake #6: Overlooking SEO

While the process can appear complicated, with talk of meta tags, backlinks, etc. it’s not as difficult as you think. There is some excellent information on improving your SEO ranking here, and there are loads of other places online where you can source helpful advice on giving your website the Google boost it needs.

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Mistake #7: No integration with social media

If you write something brilliant, you want people to share it with their friends, right? If you have a special offer on your product, you want as many people to know about it, don’t you? In both cases, the answer should be ‘yes,’ so social media integration is a must. Provide links to your Instagram, Facebook and other social media accounts.