Finding the right career is a journey. While some of us find career paths that we love at a young age, many women find themselves bouncing from job to job trying to find work that is fulfilling and rewarding. 

We often find jobs out of desperation. We may be leaving a job that we hate or be jobless and looking for work. The problem with this scenario is that we often overlook red flags and accept the first job offered to us. It’s important that we find work that matches up with our skill set so that we feel adequate in the workplace. And it’s even more important that the work environment is conducive to our personal well-being. Here are two steps to help you be more intentional about your job search.


It’s not just about how much you want to do the job; it’s also about how well you can do the job. Think about the skills, qualifications, and experience that you already have. Where do they fit into your job search? Working in a position that allows you to use skills that you have is often a much more fulfilling position to be in. Here’s why: when we understand an industry and how things work, we’re more confident and perform better. In essence, we feel adequate and qualified. 

If you lack the skills or qualifications for the job that you desire, find ways to start acquiring those skills. That may mean taking a few classes online. From an online certification in Human Resources to an online public safety degree, there are many ways to conveniently improve your skills and education. 

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It’s not just the job itself that makes a difference it’s also how you feel about actually doing the work. It’s something that we take for granted. We’re often taught to be grateful just to have a job… but the quality of life and feeling good about what you do is just as important.

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The way your employment or work environment is structured can have a huge impact on your personal experience.

Get clear on the expectations and make sure that they fit how you work best.

  • Does the job involve you working independently or will you be a part of a team most of the time?
  • Are you going to following direct instructions every day or are you going to be in a position where you need to take the initiative when it comes to certain tasks?
  • Is the office environment open air or will you have a designated workspace?
  • Are you able to telecommute or do you have to show up at the office every day?
  • What systems has the company put in place to foster work-life balance?

Asking these simple questions can make the difference between a job you hate and one that is fulfilling.