No one likes being late for work, but it happens all the time! In an ideal world, get everything in our morning routine done and still be able to make it to work on time. Unfortunately, this isn’t a reality for most of us!

But there are ways to maximize your time in the morning. In this post, we’re sharing a few of our favorite tips to get you going in the morning.

shower & hair

It feels good to shower in the morning… it’s a great way to wake up and start your day. But it can also slow you down. Instead, opt for a warm shower at night. Build it into your nightly routine. Warm showers are relaxing and will help you wind down. You’ll also have the time to wash your hair if needed and not be so rushed in the morning.

quick tip: If your morning completely falls apart and there was no time for a shower, do a quick wash up and put your hair in a creative updo or protective style. If your hair is especially oily and you’re concerned about styling it on the go, check out this post for tips: hairstyles for greasy hair.


Doing your eyebrows in the morning can be time consuming. It’s probably the main part of your makeup routine. Consider having them professionally arched, tinted, or even micro-bladed to have a morning-ready look every day!

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When I was growing up… I hated when my mom would have me pick out my clothes for the next day or the entire week! Turns out though that this is a massive time saver when adulting. Plan your wardrobe out ahead of time. Not having to fumble around to find the right outfit or that missing shoe will help you head out the door faster… and in a much calmer state.

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Finally, you can speed up your morning routine by having a good skincare routine the night before. Use the evenings as your time to exfoliate, put on masks, or ever just treat your skin a little. Keep your morning routine as simple as possible – cleanse, tone, moisturize. When you have a solid (but quick) regimen, you’ll save time without compromising the quality of your skin care.