Education is a little like fashion. What’s popular one year, might not be the next; and careers that were cool and trendy no longer are. Industry changes and advancements in technology continue to generate new career paths. Even though things change getting a degree in a subject that interests you and represents your career goals is still priceless.

There are a few degree majors that are often overlooked or undervalued… but are still frequently sought out by employers. Let’s take a look at a few of them.


Being able to read and write well is always useful. Unless you’ve gone on to be an accountant or involved in finance, you may look back at high school math and wonder why you really needed trigonometry, as it’s certainly never come in useful in adult life. But, English language does. You use it every day, and being able to write well-composed arguments, letters and proposals can help in near enough every job out there. Being able to read quickly and extract relevant information is also a helpful skill in day to day life.

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Most people only study politics if they want a career in the political sector. But, this is a subject that’s useful for anyone who has any political interest. Learning more about how our country works will help you to make the right decisions, get more involved, educate others and use your vote wisely. It’s a course that also develops your organizational skills, your critical thinking and your ability to analyze a situation quickly and with care.

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Courses related to operations management are exceptionally useful in everyday life. Management jobs are available in every career field and industry, and some are very well paid. Even if this isn’t something that interests you, the skills that you’ll learn could prove very useful in other areas and endeavors. You’ll learn to manage people, finances, daily operations, and vendors.

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Marketing is one of those things that comes into play in many other jobs. You’ll often need to sell something, or promote something in a certain way. Even if that something is yourself. Studying marketing will help you to understand how you can use social media to your advantage, even if you never chose a career in marketing.