When you’re choosing a university, college, or technical education, you will have many options to explore. Keep in mind the future career path that you want to pursue.  It can be an exciting process, after which most people will have an idea of what they’d like to do with their life. But it isn’t all about the courses you take… it’s also about the field or industry you choose. 

This post explores career paths that are always in high demand and aren’t affected by trends. Jobs in the fields mentioned are regarded as safe industries – meaning that the need for candidates often exceeds the number of qualified applicants. 

computer science/IT

With thousands of places to study, countless courses, and loads of other great features, this area of study is perfect for anyone that is technically savvy or creative. There are several areas which you can specialize in when it comes to computing. Programming, IT support, and coding are a few of the easiest to get into if you’re talented. 

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When it comes to anything medical, you can almost certainly bet that the job will be around for a long time, as people are always in need of this sort of help. Getting into a role in this sort of field take a specialized education, with options ranging from online classes with companies like https://nursingdegreeprograms.net/ to degrees which you have to go to a school to take. Do your research before enrolling in a course. Some healthcare fields require little formal education while others may require certifications and advanced learning. 

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Less than a third of new businesses make it past their first year, with even fewer lasting half a decade. When it comes to entrepreneurship, many people don’t lean to formal education but to be successful and truly scale your business, taking advantage of educational resources might be the route to take. To achieve this sort of goal, it can be best to broaden your horizons. Look into your local continuing education schools or your local university may offer a course that will be helpful to your success in the long run.

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The world of journalism has come a long way in recent years. The internet provides accessibility to jobs, freelance opportunities, and gigs that weren’t as easy to obtain previously. An extensive education isn’t always the best path in the field of journalism… experience is. Look for internships or gain work experience with publications or content curators that mirror the type of organization that you’d like to work. And if you’re considering becoming a freelance writer, consider starting a blog, as a way to showcase your writing style and voice.

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what to look for

The trick to finding a career that will last is knowing what to look for. In some cases, it’s easy to tell if something is a fad. Avoid industries that feel temporary… as they can disappear overnight. When a business appears very quickly, it isn’t likely to last for very long. Likewise, industries that have been around for decades, will probably be around for a while. There are some exceptions to this, with companies like https://www.marketwatch.com/ being perfect when you’re looking for them. Most people will find it all much easier if they accept some support at the start.