If you’re preparing to start the house hunting process, you are probably feeling excited about finding your next home. However, it’s important that you don’t allow your emotions to cause you to miss important details or overlook blatant red flags. 

The house hunting process doesn’t just provide you with the chance to find the perfect abode, it also gives you the opportunity to identify potential problems. And since HGTV makes home improvement look all too easy, we’re sharing 3 areas that you don’t want to ignore. 

are there hidden issues?

View homes with your eyes wide open. It doesn’t always happen but often when there are problems with the property, the owner doesn’t put them on display. Sometimes things are conveniently covered up by artwork, furniture, or even rugs. This is why it can be a good idea to move furniture around when inspecting the property. You want to have a clear understanding of the condition of the home so that you have bargaining power during the negotiation process.

don’t forget the plumbing

Plumbing issues can also easily go unnoticed. Think about it, pipes are often hidden in walls and substantial issues can be lying behind the sheetrock. Be sure to have a thorough home inspection completed, and while even a home inspector may not be able to find every single issue existing issue, you want to be empowered with as much information as you can ahead of time. Read this for more info: https://www.watersafe.org.uk/advice/new_home/.

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is it practical?

During your search, don’t just be wowed by unusual layouts, ceiling heights, and standout features. Be sure that you are also considering how practical these features are for you. For example, open floor plans may brighten up a home but they can also present challenges/limitations when it comes to furniture placement.  Everything that stands out and makes a statement isn’t a practical choice for your lifestyle.

Minimalistic styles, in particular, have become very popular, and you can find out more about them here: https://www.rumah.com/panduan-dan-referensi/membeli-rumah/rumah-minimalis-jadi-dambaan-pahami-seluk-beluknya

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is it a good fit?

Everyone is staging homes these days. They want you to see the homes potential and how it will look fully furnished and outfitted. The downside to this can sometimes be that you don’t judge how well the home will fit your lifestyle. For example, that 3rd bedroom staged as an office may not fit your queen sized bed.

Assess each room carefully and make a note of all of the storage options that are available. Don’t get so caught up in how attractive a home is that you miss the fact that the kitchen didn’t have a pantry, the master bathroom had a tiny shower, or that the laundry room might be cramped with your frontloaders. It’s okay to see what’s right in a home… but also take note of what’s not a good fit.