Stress is a short word that packs a mighty punch. It can impact how we feel physically and emotionally. Stress can affect your performance at work, strain relationships, and limit what we do; and while it’s inevitable, there are steps we can take to limit its effect.

If you’re susceptible to stress, there are a few questions that you can ask yourself to get to the root cause of these feelings and hopefully, discover ways to eliminate or reduce stressors from your life. 

What’s really stressing you?

Take a moment to sit down and really think about what is actually stressing you. Sometimes we think too broad so we’re not really addressing the issue. For example, you may be proclaiming that your job is stressing you when really it’s your co-worker. It’s time that you get clear on the stressor so that you can start looking for ways to reduce or eliminate it. 

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Are you getting enough sleep?

While we all experience some type of stress in our lives, did you know that the effects and symptoms of stress can be compounded by lack of sleep? If you know that you’ve been struggling with getting enough shut-eye, consider our steps to a better night’s sleep. When you’re fully rested, you will be better able to cope with the stressors that are affecting your life. But there’s also a flip side…  as you work through removing stress from your life, you’ll also improve your quality of sleep.

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Vacation maybe?

If you’ve been working hard or struggling with certain situations in your life, it may be time to get away from it all. You can’t escape all stressful situations, but you might be able to get a better perspective on them by removing yourself. Make a command decision to take a vacation, a long weekend or even a staycation. Consider a quick getaway, preferably somewhere you can truly get away from it all.

Look into somewhere scenic that you haven’t been before – even if it’s a short drive away. Or take a real trip and true escape and stay somewhere luxurious like the Courtyard Santiago Las Condes. The goal is to surround yourself in beauty and tranquility so that you’re able to give your mind and emotions a break!

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Evaluate the people you interact with most often.

When we think of things that stress us out, we often consider situations or environments, but we don’t always acknowledge the people that add to our stress levels. It’s important that you find the courage to be honest with people that are causing you stress.

Tell them how they make you feel.

Honestly, they may not even realize that their actions or words are making you feel that way. And while there are some people that you may not be able to get through too… you can control the way you react and respond to them. Learn how to handle your interactions with them with a level head and remember that they can’t affect you that way if you don’t let them.

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Recognize who lifts you up.

While you’re now on a mission to eliminate people that cause you stress, you also want to spend more time with those that encourage you, respect you and love you. These are the people who fill your tank, alleviate your stress, and offer you support when you need it – give them more of your time and attention.

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Although stress will always rear its ugly head, sometimes more frequently than we’d like, always come back to post and use these questions to help guide you back to well-balanced, less-stressed life.