The business world is filled with male-dominated industries. Many have discriminative practices against female employees, making it difficult for them to progress or find success in their careers. The tech industry has been exposed as one of the worst ones. It can be hard to get your superiors, coworkers, and even venture capitalists to take you seriously.

There are a lot of gender stereotypes and issues with harassment in the industry. The general attitude toward women is often that they simply aren’t as good as their male counterparts. That is, of course, completely unfounded.

While gender disparity is improving, it’s a slow process. And if you’re working or pursuing the tech industry, you may find yourself facing a few unexpected barriers. The only way around them is to prove that you are just as competent as anyone else and that you deserve your place in the company. Here are a few ways to do it.

prove your worth

The biggest myth about women in tech is that they don’t know as much as men about it. Last year, Google fired a staff member who circulated a memo saying that there were fewer women working in the tech industry because they don’t have the interest and they are less suited to those roles than men. Breaking that stereotype may become your biggest challenge. Always be confident and know your stuff.

This is a particular problem for women working in sales in the tech industry because some customers don’t trust their judgment. When you’re trying to sell software, showing that you understand user adoption and the reasons why new users would move to that platform. Make sure to highlight the technical details of the software and try to answer questions before they’re asked.

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advocate for your ideas 

Being in a room full of men that are waiting for you to slip up and confirm their prejudices can be incredibly intimidating. Some women working in the tech industry don’t like to voice their ideas for fear of them not being taking seriously or even dismissed. The problem is, keeping quiet about your ideas doesn’t help your dilemma. It only reinforces the view that you aren’t as valuable to the company because you don’t have as many ideas. Either way, you’ll be under scrutiny; and it’s why you need to have confidence in your own ideas and be vocal about them. 

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let the world know about your accomplishments

Boasting isn’t a desirable quality in any person but sometimes, you have to toot your own horn. When you’re doing good work and getting results, make sure people know about it. The people that don’t think you’re equipped to work in the tech industry can’t argue with solid results but if you’re keeping quiet about your achievements then you aren’t proving your worth. Don’t be arrogant about it, but make sure your value to the company is known.