It’s easy to get sucked down the wormhole of entrepreneurial advice. You’ll find yourself inundated with tips on how to do this or why you should be doing that. We hear quotes telling us how cutthroat business is or how thick-skinned you have to be to achieve success. 

And while a lot of that may be true, none of it means that you have to suffer personally for your sacrifices as an entrepreneur.

There are things that you can do as a business owner to keep yourself grounded and level-headed, starting with your daily routine – we’re sharing a few key tips to help you get started.


Breath deeply every morning. Consider taking a short walk outdoors in the morning before the work begins – yes, this may mean waking up a little earlier. Take deep breaths as you go. Be present in the moment and take in your surroundings. During this time clear your mind of things you can’t change and allow yourself to set your intention for the day. 

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Make a to-do list. After you have cleared your mind and set your intentions for the day with your morning walk, make a list of items that you intend to complete by the end of your working day.

  • Be realistic – if the entire task can’t be completed during your workday, only write down the portion that can.
  • Be detailed – consider the time, effort, and resources needed to see each item through.

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Prioritize your work and maximize productivity by using a system that works for you. There are some excellent methods for keeping your productivity high. Consider the Pomodoro Technique, Getting Things Done, The Action Method, or even a combination of a few to fit your needs. 


You wan an organized and efficient workplace. Start by making sure that everything has a place. Next, focus on minimalizing the workspace. There’s no use for things that aren’t being used or that only take up space. Then, take the time to evaluate your systems and processes. This may mean utilizing software that helps to eliminate extra steps and increases overall productivity. For example, if your business works with a lot of data having the best enterprise content management system in place will mean less time looking for records and more time getting work done. 

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Sleep is like a battery recharge.

You don’t let your phone drain all the way to zero… so why are you okay with it happening to you?

Be sure you are getting enough sleep. Create an effective nighttime routine to make sure that calm and relax your body in preparation for a good night’s rest.  

Not sure where to start? Here are a few tips to get calm and cozy at night:

  • Keep a notebook by the bed. Even if you don’t journal daily, there will be night’s that it feels like your mind is racing a mile a minute. You need to get those thoughts out of your head so that you can relax. Believe it or not, all you need is the perfect place to jot them down.
  • Have your preferred beverage on hand. Whether it’s warm almond milk, chamomile tea, or a small glass of wine, that helps you calm, make it a routine to have it next to your bed.
  • Turn off all notifications on your phone and place it at a distance. This helps protect you from reading something unsettling or getting into a conversation that may keep you up for hours. 
  • Read a book (fiction or non-fiction) that interests you. 

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Don’t get so busy in your business that you forget to enjoy your life. Make your social life a priority. Schedule coffee, brunch, or dinner with friends. Sometimes all you need to balance out a hectic schedule is a little time with the ones you love!