Life should be lived with intensity… not watched from the sidelines. It shouldn’t be a mindless journey towards old age. Instead, we should live with intention and allow ourselves to be present in the moment, enjoying every day; not just going through the motions stressed out and overwhelmed.

But that’s often not at all our reality.

Stressful moments and situations often rob us of our ability to truly enjoy life. We’re constantly juggling responsibilities that can keep us from living our best lives. But there is a better way, and to help, we’ve pulled together a few ways to help you overcome the stress that may be holding you back.

there are lessons in everything

Every situation – good or bad – provides us with a chance to learn more about life and ourselves. It’s important to see our experiences as learning opportunities and not just bad situations. By looking for the lesson in the stress or disappointment we’re able to empower ourselves to overcome it and prevent it from happening again.

For example:

  • A failed marriage may help you understand more about what you want and need in a partner.
  • Allowing people’s highlight reel social media to influence your decisions might teach you to be less impressed with others and more intentional about finding your authentic purpose.
  • Trying to represent yourself in court after being injured on the job may teach you the importance of using personal injury lawyers.
  • Being treated poorly by your employer might teach you to be more discerning about who you’re willing to work for.

recognize what needs to be changed

It doesn’t matter how out of control your situation may feel, there are always things you can change. Always. Change starts with choice but before you’re able to make better choices, you need to get clear on what needs to change. 

Be introspective.

Take the time to evaluate what causes you stress. Decide what you can eliminate, what you can change, and what you have no control over.

  1. Start by eliminating what you can. Whether it’s a toxic relationship or an apartment that you hate, if you can get rid of it and invite more peace into your life, do it!
  2. Then, focus on what you can change. This may mean redecorating your home or finding a job with a shorter commute (and reducing your time in traffic).
  3. Finally, accept what you don’t have the ability to change and put processes and rituals in place to better cope and find personal balance.

feel the feels - Tiffany Nicole Forever blog

give yourself permission to feel

If you’ve ever cried, shouted, or screamed into a pillow, then you’ve likely experienced the relief that expressing full emotion can bring. Bottling emotions is often how many women deal with stress… we simply ignore it. But not giving yourself permission to truly feel your feelings, is harmful to your well-being. Create habits that help you handle the stressors in your life in a healthy way. Try journaling, taking up a hobby, or an exercise routine to help reduce stress, but never deny yourself the ability to feel and process your emotions.