Let’s be honest, women are really making moves right now! From gains in education, career advancement and entrepreneurship, we’re progressing by leaps and bounds. Online activity is no different. In 2016, 86% of women in the U.S. had access to and regularly used the internet. 

This uptick in online usage by women also comes with new opportunities. From the emergence of the social media influencer to the ability to create income through blogs, digital products, and e-commerce, women and no longer just surfing the web. 

online activity

There are many studies that show that women are online more than men – especially on social media. Roughly 10% more women than men regularly update their social media statuses. They also shop, learn, read, and interact more online than they’re male counterparts.

But there’s an added bonus.

Women tend to not only shop and interact online but they also make the best customers. They don’t just buy the products, they also leave reviews and feedback. This alone makes them valuable to businesses and marketers.

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greater exposure to career options

Gone are the days that women were limited to stereotypical career options. With access to job information and career data that they may not have had before, women have started to pursue non-traditional job options. For example, there has been an increase in black women pursuing degrees and careers in STEM fields.

There has also been an emergence of women leading the way in digital technology and computer science (read an inspiring story here: newscientist.com). 

Digital careers have become popular with women since the launch of the internet. Now more than ever we’re seeing women hold graphic design, IT, coding, software development and webmaster positions – which were traditionally viewed as creative or technical jobs for men. And with more and more information available online, learning new skills for digital positions is easier than ever.

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the ‘gig’ opportunity

The gig economy has also created opportunities for women to generate substantial incomes working while working from home. It has also provided resources that allow them to connect with other freelancers or contractors. This allows them to take on projects that they may not have been able to navigate before. 

For example Sally bids on a contract to build a custom website but she doesn’t have the technical know-how for the custom coding the customer is requesting. In the new gig economy, Sally doesn’t have to decline the work due to a lack of expertise. She can partner with a freelancer or company like bluescreen.se, and have them complete the tasks that she’s not well-versed in.

The customer gets the end-product they requested. Sally earns income and everyone is happy. Having access to these types of connections and resources have made success a reality for many women. And it will only get better from here.

*this is a contributor written post