It’s easy to think that everyone likes to decorate and make improvements in their home, but this isn’t always true. Some of us don’t know a lot about design and some of us have never lifted a paintbrush – neither of which means that we can’t pull off a bad-ass DIY weekend project!

Most of us probably aren’t experienced carpenters, painters or plumbers but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make a few unassisted changes around the house. You may have been getting the itch to do something different. Or you might just be in need of change but don’t have a huge budget or a lot of know-how. It’s okay, we’ve compiled a few small projects to help you spruce things up a little.

the entrance

To add a little curb appeal, you don’t always need a landscape overhaul. Sometimes the simple solution – that’s also the perfect weekend project is painting the front door. It won’t cost a lot and you don’t have to be a perfect painter to do it. Not only will a fresh coat of paint give your home a much more inviting and new look from the front; It will make your home stand out from the crowd too. 

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the walls

Gone are the days of a one-dimensional home, where every room is the exact same hue. Even if there’s a particular color that you love, you might want to consider using different shades of it to create interest and dimension. Or, if you’re ready to add a little drama and have a more custom space, it might be time to check out your wallpaper options.

If you ‘re not ready to take on an entire room, start with a feature wall. Choose a color or wallpaper that you like and add a little depth to one of the walls in your home. It provides a splash of color and you get to decide if you want to go ahead and paint the whole space.

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the kitchen

While you can’t renovate the whole kitchen over one weekend. That doesn’t mean there aren’t a few ways you can spruce it up a little.

  • Does your cabinet hardware need an upgrade? Consider changing out your cabinet and drawer pulls. It’s a quick change that can make a huge difference.
  • Give your pantry a little attention by updating your storage. Grab some decorate baskets, jars, and containers to store your dry and canned goods. It won’t just look better, it will be easier to use too.
  • You know that black and gold crockpot you’ve been eyeing… it’s time to buy it. Pick up a few colour coordinated appliances to make the kitchen counters look a little more pleasing! Be careful. You don’t want to add more color… you simply want to replace your drab old gadgets with something a little more your style.

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the bathroom

Your bathroom is a great option for a small (fast) renovation. In one weekend you can do a complete transformation. Paint the walls. Change out the knobs, the light fixtures, and the faucet fixture. Add a shelf with cute baskets for storage and a colorful rug for interest. Joila! You’ll have an updated, organized, and cute new bathroom to work with.

Tip: If you live in an older home with dated bathroom fixtures – like a pink floor and wall tiles, don’t fight it. Go with it. Find an accent color that works. For example, if the bathroom is navy blue and white, choose new knobs that are white in color and place a plush white rug on the floor. Replace the light fixture with something that goes with the design of that time period, rather than introducing a modern piece that clashes and makes the space awkward.