When we think of women that live conscious lifestyles we often picture women that champion recycling and grow their own herbs. And while these are ways to be more environmentally conscious, the overall concept of living with intention isn’t actually so basic.

In fact, there are things that you can do in every area of your life to not just have a beneficial impact on the environment, but to also improve you’re own overall health and well-being. You don’t have to go off the grid to start making changes. A few simple adjustments to the products you use and making better daily choices can make a huge difference, and we’re here to help!

In this post, we’ve curated a few tips to help you get started.

your health

  • Learn to cook or eat more whole foods. It’s easy to grab a ready meal after a long day and pop it in the microwave, but most ready-to-eat meals are full of chemical preservatives. Be good to your body and start embracing fresh whole foods. 
  • Exercising regularly is the key to a strong healthy body. Incorporate daily exercise into your daily routine. When you first get started, don’t overwhelm your body, try walking for 20 minutes a day 3 times a week. Then, add more. You don’t want to burn out or cause too much discomfort initially, the goal is to create a new lifestyle.
  • Try alternative therapies and medicines. Instead of grabbing OTC medicines for simple illnesses, try natural supplements like cod liver oils and ginger or garlic. 

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your mind

  • Start journaling. Instead of grabbing your phone the moment your eyes pop open, start your day with intention. Take a few minutes in the morning to get those racing thoughts out of your head and onto paper. You’ll feel more peaceful and centered before you dive into your daily responsibilities.
  • Meditate. Spending time alone in free thought can be therapeutic for both your mind and spirit. If you’re easily distracted, try downloading an app to help. Or if meditation doesn’t appeal to you but you’re still searching for a physical way to center yourself and connect with your body yoga and Pilates might be good options to consider. 
  • Introduce essential oils into your daily routine. Essential oils don’t just smell good. They are also great for creating cleaning products, healing ailments, and they also have mood enhancing benefits. Try lemon in an oil diffuser in the morning to boost your mood or spray diluted lavender over your bed at night to calm down and relax.

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your beauty

  • Choose makeup brands that don’t do animal testing and that use environmentally friendly ingredients. This list of vegan and natural brands provides an awesome curation of products that are not only good for the environment but are also good for you.
  • Get creative. Consider making your own skincare or beauty products. Interested but don’t know where to start? This nifty list can help show you how to use things you already have to make face masks.

your home

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