How many times have you felt like you need to make a little extra money? Sometimes the budget can feel a little thin, or maybe you just want to increase your savings or start preparing for a major purchase. The easiest solution is to ask for additional hours at work. But what if you’re paid a salary or your job is cutting back on hours… or you have other responsibilities?

There are many ways to generate extra income with the skills and resources that you already have – you just need to be pointed in the right direction. I regularly write about non-traditional ways to earn income from home, because I understand that multiple streams of income is the true route to financial stability and freedom.

Even if it’s just a few extra hundred dollars a month – that seemingly small amount is groceries, a few bills, debt repayment, or extra savings!

Here are a few ways to make some extra cash – in your spare time

sell on Amazon

There are several ways to make money from Amazon. The easiest? Sell things that you no longer want or need by creating an Amazon seller account. I’ve sold everything from books to beauty products this way. 

Another way to make money on Amazon is to resell items that you’ve purchased in bulk or at wholesale. This will require a small investment to get started, but it can be a very lucrative way to create extra income! To make things easier Amazon has a program where you can bulk ship your inventory to them and they’ll handle order fulfillment for you. That’s as close to passive income as you can get.

do your due diligence

You’ll want to do your research on the products you’re interested in selling. You don’t want to buy a product that no one wants. The goal is to make extra money not throw it away. Click here to read more on how sourcing the right product can make you money on Amazon!

survey sites

When you hear people quote statistics, have you ever wondered where they got those numbers? There are companies that host surveys for other businesses so that they can focus on making money, and they pay participants. You can really get paid for taking surveys. There are some sites like SwagBucks that compensate with rewards, points or store gift cards. My son once saved enough to buy a new smartphone so it’s definitely worth the few extra minutes per day.

But if you’re looking to get a little more bang for your buck, there are others that pay a substantial amount for your participation like SurveySavvy – I’ve gotten several $5 – $10 surveys from them. But my favorite is MindSwarms – they literally pay $50 per completed survey immediately via PayPal. And one other added bonus is that the surveys are always less than 10 questions. However, your responses are submitted via video, so you’ll want to be ready for the camera!

become a virtual assistant

Do you have a few hours to spare? Are you highly organized and good with time management? You might want to consider becoming a virtual assistant. If you have a particular skillset, you’ll be able to streamline the projects you take on.

For example, if you have experience in bookkeeping or accounting, you’ll be able to market yourself as a financial virtual assistant. Or, if you know the ins and outs of social media management, focus on clients that are looking for those particular services. It will streamline your workload and allow you to do things that you enjoy.

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Not sure where to look?

Before you start your search, be sure to have up to date technology. For most projects, you’ll also want to be fluent in English, and have reliable internet. Find work on sites like Upwork,, and Search the existing posted jobs, make sure they align with your expectations and create bids.