Women are busy! We juggle everything: work, school, kids, relationships, side-hustles and businesses, and taking care of our homes. And while each of these is meaningful and contributes to our sense of purpose, the one thing that often gets lost in the shuffle – is you!  It’s time for a personal time-out.  

I talk to endless women who I am convinced don’t truly understand what burnout is. They move through their days at a chaotic pace, never really taking time to check-in with themselves. They complain of headaches, always being tired, or an inability to sleep… or concentrate. While I’m no medical expert, I do know that sometimes these are symptoms of burnout, and maybe it’s time for a time-out.

Here are some ideas you can use to take a timeout (for you) from your busy life:

solo travel

Sometimes, all you need to do to feel more relaxed is take yourself on a trip or a vacation. Yes, that means without the kids, your bestie, or your partner! This might sound strange or even foreign, but when we travel with others we tend to bootstrap responsibilities to what should be our downtime. For example, if you take the family, you’ll be constantly making sure that everyone is okay and having a good time.

What you really need is time to breathe easy.

Time to not be concerned with anyone’s well-being but your own. This doesn’t have to be a week-long excursion. Keep it simple. The next time you have a 3-day weekend, grab your weekend bag, a $49 flight on Southwest and get a deal on a high-end hotel on Hotel Tonight! Then, allow yourself to only do what you want to do – no extensive daily agenda or plan… just you being you.

take a break from tech

We use technology in everything we do. And though every device you have has a purpose, it’s also making sure that you’re always on. If this sounds familiar, it might be time for a technology detox. You may not be ready to completely give up your devices for several days, but you can start limiting your usage.

Set specific times to use tech each day. For example, decide that you’ll a few times a day and stick to it. Most of the time what we spend time doing with our devices is more of a time drain than it is productive. 

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make ‘no’ your new favorite work

Do you find yourself saying yes to doing things you don’t even want to do? Maybe you’re concerned with looking bad or fear upsetting or disappointing others. Constantly saying yes to the needs of others can often leave you depleted and overwhelmed.

You have to learn how to say no.

Saying no from time to time doesn’t make you a bad person; it makes you a person who values their time and their sanity! It’s true that saying yes can present new opportunities and experiences for you, but it’s important to know when it’s time for you to say no – and what to say no too.

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find your personal zen

There are many different ways to relax. Some work well for others but maybe not for you – and that’s ok, just don’t give up. Experiment with a few different techniques and see which ones suit you best.

Some women love long hot baths or massages. Others love to read and decompress by getting lost in someone else’s story. Some use aromatherapy to relax by putting essential oils in a diffuser machine or lighting their favorite candle. Whether it’s cooking or just putting on your favorite music and laying on the floor… it’s not the method that matters – it’s that you take some time and dedicate it to you.

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meditation and elevated thinking

I could write an entire post dedicated to meditation, but I’ll keep it simple. If you’re new to the practice of meditation and are finding it difficult to quiet your thoughts and settle into a calm state, you may wan to download an app. There are several that are designed to provide sensory stimulation and evoke a calm relaxed state.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to start off trying to dedicate a full hour to meditation. Ease into it. Set a goal of maybe 10 minutes a day and stick to it.  

We’ve become a society that praises being busy, but busy isn’t always healthy. Being constantly on the go means that something isn’t being given much attention – and in most cases that ‘something’ is you. Make yourself a priority. Use these tips to intentionally start making time for yourself. You’ll thank me later.