The Stanford marshmallow experiment explores the overall earnings of those that are willing to delay gratification in order to reap more reward in the long term. However, we live in a world that champions an immediate outcome, making it difficult for many to focus time and resources towards a goal that may not yield results for quite some time. 

It’s how many people give up just before achieving success, or think that something isn’t working when actually they’re building momentum. In order to get the end goal that you’re seeking, you’ll have to mentally prepare yourself for the reality that nothing worth having comes easy.

Think about it this way, most of us trade time for money working hourly or receiving a set salary for our overall work efforts. Even then, the amount we accept for an hour of labor is often disproportionate to its value. On the flip side, many truly wealthy women, master the art of engaging in activities that provide both an immediate reward and long-term residual results. 

To get the results you want, in any endeavor, you have to first understand how to make the most of your time. How you utilize time is one of the fundamental factors in determining how wealthy you will become. Because without consistent committed action, your goals are just thoughts. Learning how to use time effectively is often the missing key to success.

how to make the most of your time… and get more done


The Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule suggests that only 20% of what you do accounts for 80% of the results you achieve.  Keeping this in mind, you want to prioritize tasks that provide the greatest impact and get those done first. An easy way to identify these tasks is to write a list of what you do each day, week, or month. Then, determine which items create tangible results and move the needle. These are the tasks that you’ll want to prioritize above everything else on your to-do list.


If you’re a mom, business owner, hell… a woman, you likely understand what it means to wear many hats. But have you ever thought about ways that you could simplify your life by getting a little help?

For example, if you work long hours and you find yourself constantly having to make time for grocery store runs, why not look into ordering your groceries through Amazon Fresh or Instacart.

Or, if you’re an entrepreneur that’s spent way too much time trying to create an inventory spreadsheet for your business, wouldn’t it make more sense for you to purchase an excel template; or spend a few hours with company that provides excel consultancy services that could help you get the project completed in much less time and with much less effort?

tip for business owners:

If you’re a business owner, delegation takes on a whole different meaning. Remember that your job is to run and grow your business. You’re the captain of the chip and as your business grows, be ready to hire help or outsource tasks to other qualified individuals. Sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer make it easy and affordable for you to get the help you need.

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We’re women, we’re the best at multi-tasking. Even though the ability to juggle many things is often applauded, it can negatively affect productivity and effectiveness.  The best way to combat this is through batching.  When you batch, you group similar tasks together and only work on those items for a specified amount of time. The idea is that if you decrease distraction and narrow your focus, you’ll be more effective and efficient. Essentially, you’ll get more done, in less time.

how batching works:

Instead of writing blog posts weekly or randomly, decide to create all of your blog content for the month – in one day. Or if you produce a podcast, record a few weeks worth of episodes in one day. This allows you to eliminate looming deadlines and not have to constantly juggle several different tasks at once.

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It’s easy to spread ourselves thin across multiple projects and responsibilities.  If you want to end the cycle of starting many things and finishing none, you’ll need to focus.  Start with a small project. Focus in on the action items and get it done… all the way to completion. 


  • Pay attention to distractions that keep you from completing tasks or get you off track.
  • Create a manageable to-do list. Then, complete one step at a time until the entire project is complete.