You had a great store concept. You paid to have an amazing website created and stocked it with great products but you’re still struggling with driving traffic to your online store. Don’t get discouraged. There are a few things you can do to start getting eyes on your store and converting visitors to customers. 

How to drive traffic to your online store –

Post fresh content

Posting fresh content regularly that’s related to the products or services that you sell, will help to increase your visibility.

The online marketplace is crowded and their’s a lot of noise. The best way to standout is to not be afraid to share your expertise. This is a mistake many businesses make. They think that by sharing their knowledge they’re giving away their power. This couldn’t be further than the truth. When you provide value, people trust that you’re the expert and they’ll want to support you. 

things to remember when creating content:

    • Know who your audience is and write your content for them, not for you.
    • Aim to genuinely help your audience and share value not fluff.

Make sure your content is original and authProofread

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Social Proof

Social reviews are a perfect way to get word of mouth marketing. Give your audience an incentive to leave a review. Sometimes customers love your product enough that they’ll leave a review without you prompting them, but you can increase your chances by offering a freebie or a discount code for a future purchase.

It’s okay if you get a few less than 5-star reviews. Don’t let it deter you from encouraging customers to share their experience or feedback. Honestly, when everything is not ‘perfect’ people tend to trust your business more. 

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Know your analytics

If you’re running an online store you have to pay attention to your analytics. If you’re using a platform like Shopify, take time to review where your traffic is coming from. Compare the number of visitors to the number of transactions and identify if you truly have a traffic problem or a conversion problem.

Financial reporting is also a great way of accurately figuring out your projections for the coming months. But not if you’re using a limited resource. For example, if you’re only using PayPal and haven’t integrated it into a e-commerce platform, then you’re probably not receiving actionable data. Look into a program like BlueSnap Review that is not only a payment processor but also provides some pretty thorough analytics too!

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If you’re a new business, you may not have a strong social media following or strong brand awareness. One of the most common and effective ways to generate interest and drive traffic to your site when you’re just getting started is to connect with established Instagram influencers.

Look for influencers that represent your brand message. Whose social media accounts and brand aesthetic are inline with how you market your product or service. Don’t let followers fool you. If you come across a micro-influencer (>100,000 followers) that has an engaged following, it can be much more effective for your business than an influencer with millions of dormant followers. The goal is to spark interest not just have a pretty post on someone’s page.