You’ve likely heard it jokingly with others or on tv or in films. It’s usually when someone enters a guy’s minimalist apartment. They usually say something like – “Sean, your place could really use a feminine touch.” But what exactly does that mean? 

Is the feminine touch something tangible or is it more of a feeling or vibe? What is this hidden quality that brings out the potential of a home? What does its presence give to the beauty of an interior space? … and how have you put your own feminine stamp on your home?


Adding a feminine touch to your home doesn’t necessarily mean adding floral wallpaper or pink linens. In fact, the female influence in a home’s decoration is often represented by the sense of warmth and the feelings of safety that it invokes. It’s when you’re able to infuse your personality into the space… one fabric, one piece of furniture, and one home accessory at a time. It may also mean that the home is neat, organized, and there’s a good ‘flow of energy’. 

The sensual nature of a room also influences this. Consider the many ways that you’ve expressed yourself through the decor of your home.

  • What textures and patterns are represented in your furniture?
  • How do the cushions feel when you relax on your sectional?
  • What is the centerpiece of each room (i.e.: fireplace, artwork, windows, etc.)?
  • What scent or fragrance is prevalent throughout your household?
  • How open and airy and decluttered, is it? 

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natural elements

Feminine decor often lends itself to free-flowing and curving lines. When you envision traditional design you can almost sense the female influence in the curve of staircase banisters or in the details of a wrought iron bed. It’s also apparent in warm wood accents, floors, and detailed stonework.

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‘The feminine touch’ is often referred to when a home is clean, organized, and well-maintained.

Most times people assume that a woman is present when a home that is well put together. Achieving this isn’t as difficult as it may seem. All it takes is little organization and effort. For example, if you schedule regular home maintenance, it won’t be so overwhelming. One day might be dedicated to cleaning the carpet or pressure washing the house while the next month you may focus on lighting maintenance and cleaning the windows. 

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lush textiles

Who wouldn’t enjoy soft sheets, down comforters, and feather pillows? Soft materials and silky fabrics easily soften the hard lines of furniture. From fuzzy accent rugs to cushy throw pillows, lush textiles do add a feminine quality to any space.