Most women invest as part of their financial planning. Many have 401k plans or IRA’s and own stocks or bonds. There’s also an emerging trend. Women are starting to invest in real estate at a rapid pace…. and you can too!

Sounds good right? But you may be wondering, ‘exactly what does it take to become a real estate investor?’

While there have always been women investing in real estate, until recently, they’ve been a small percentage of investors. However, recent reports show that their property investments are actually outperforming their male counterparts!

why real estate?

All investments come with risks. Real estate however is a limited resource and bounces back from economic downturns and market turmoil. It also provides options. From buying and holding, to renovating and flipping, or even sales and wholesaling… there are many ways to make money in real estate.

nothing is perfect

Although there have been many gains for women in real estate, nothing is perfect. In fact, according to several reports, women still feel discriminated against by the lending industry. In fact, over a third of women believe that they’ve been treated differently by home lenders.

Nevertheless, they still persevere.

Finding alternative financing options or even getting a little creative. Many have found a gateway into real estate investing by hacking their primary residence and leveraging the equity or profits to purchase additional investment properties.

why are women excel 

According to a report in Australia, women are more adept at buying property for the long-term. Incredibly, the percentage of women purchasing real estate is currently rising faster than the number of men doing the same. This is despite the fact that women still earn significantly less. 

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the right time

Yes! With real estate, you can start anytime. Talk with a realtor and a lender that specializes in working with investors. Get a strong understanding of upfront costs and the approval process for investor loans (if you’ll need financing). Start identifying sought-after areas (to minimize risk). And, then decide on a price point that you’re comfortable with. 

Don’t rule out starting off small and investing in less expensive properties. It’s a great way to get your feet wet with the process without a lot of out of pocket expense or risk. But if you’re ready to go ‘all in’ from the start, it might be worth getting more information from an experienced investor or a professional investment group or company. 

Keep in mind that you’re not limited to your local area for investing.  Find a city or area that interests you and do your research. Then reach out to a local real estate professional or property management company to help you better understand the local market. 

get started

If your interest has been peaked and you’re ready to find out what to do next, read this article: get started in real estate as a woman. It provides an overall understanding of the field of real estate sales. You’ll then be able to decide if you want to pursue becoming a licensed real estate agent or hire one and focus solely on investing.