How many times do you look at your phone each day? When you go home after a long day at work, do you immediately turn on the TV, stream your favorite Tidal playlists, or start scrolling social media? When you need to move money around, do you go to the bank or just use the app? Write a letter or send a text? …See how every aspect of our lives is becoming reliant on technology?

While a lot of what we do online is for entertainment. We binge Netflix, participate in group chats, and find all of our recipes on Pinterest. Most of what we do is recreational, but there are many ways that technology also makes our lives easier and more convenient.

Let’s explore a few ways to use it to get ahead in your business or professional life?


Keep your equipment up to date. Sounds practical right? But how many people do you know that are behind the curve with their equipment? I was one of them. Although my business is run primarily online, for the longest, I had the oldest computer. I would get so annoyed when it ran slow or I had to restart it just to complete a design or upload a video. Don’t be like me.

Or think about that person whose Instagram pics always seem to be low quality. It’s likely because they have an old phone and it’s well past time for an update. Don’t be like them either.

Your equipment has to keep up with the changes in software and apps that are constantly being introduced. If not, it can be costly for your business. Assess the equipment that you use on regular bases – POS, computers, smartphones, and cameras – and see if there’s room for improvement.


How much of your marketing do you currently outsource? The internet hasn’t just opened up new marketing channels for us… it’s also provided us with resources that were previously limited to the professionals. Consider creating some of your graphic design and social media ads yourself with free platforms like Canva or PicMonkey.

Tip: You’ll also want to get familiar with social media advertising. And if you currently use Google or Facebooks ads and want to be even more effective, learn a little about enabling cookies on your site – for ad retargeting. It’s like when you google socks and then all of a sudden all the ads on your Facebook feed are socks.

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Apps are not just for tracking your food intake, dating, or seeing what your friends are up to. There are productivity apps that can help you to manage tasks, keep up with your financial data, and organize your time. If you have a team, apps like Bamboo HR allows staff to enter their time off requests, complaints, and inquiries at any time. Or if your business is primarily online, check to see if your selling platform has an app. Shopify has an app that allows you to monitor every aspect of your business right from your smartphone. 

Tip: Do you offer a service or is your business e-commerce based? Or have you been thinking about creating your own app? Do it the right way and hire a professional. You’ll want to make sure that your app is aesthetically pleasing but that your interface is user-friendly and consists of the latest technology. Look for companies that specialize in custom app creation like Lexel


Are you still using several different interfaces or apps to collaborate with your team? It might be time for an upgrade. Even if you use different programs to complete projects or tasks, you need a singular space for collaborative communication. Consider software and apps that are built with teams in mind like Asana or Slack