What’s your morning routine look like? How you start your morning sets the tone for your day and it can be an indicator as to how productive it will be. Whether you’re used to making a beeline for your cubicle and hoping your boss doesn’t notice that you’re late or the one that’s always early with first dibs on the Keurig, there are a few things you can do to enhance your morning experience.

It’s super easy to find yourself overwhelmed once you get to the office. Sometimes all it takes is to walk through the door. But that’s all about to change. We’re showing you how to use the first 45 minutes of your day to find your zen and get started on the right foot! 

work the room

Don’t be in such a rush that you forget to communicate with the people that you likely spend the most time with – your coworkers. You don’t have to go out of your way to speak to everyone in sight, but take a few minutes to catch up with those that you work with frequently. You’ll not only enhance your work relationships but you’ll also make a positive impression on those around you.

new to-do list

If you’ve been working with a running to-do list… stop! Having an endless to-do list can start to make everything run together. Every day is different, and sometimes a little revising needs to happen.

Give each day a fresh start. In the morning, take a few moments to assess what needs to be done. Write out a new to-do list based on time-blocking and priority… and joila!

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delegate where needed

At work, it’s easy to bite off more than we can chew. We often find ourselves trying to figure things out that we could easily pass along to someone that handles those sort of jobs. As you’re going through your to-do list, each morning, look for things that you can delegate – or refer – to others. You may find that your days have been wrecked by you trying to work through something that someone in another department could have easily (and quickly) resolved.

However, if you’re in business for yourself you have to either have a team of employees or a few contractors at your disposal to hand off work or delegate specific tasks too. But it can be done. For example, when you’re a business owner your weekly payroll falls squarely on your shoulders. It was one of the first things I contracted out as an entrepreneur (do your research here: adp.com, surepay.com or Payroll.Services). Find those tasks that taking up way too many hours in your day and see what options you have for finding help.

clean things up

You juggle enough at work… your desk doesn’t have to be another thing you’re trying to keep up with. When you’re already dealing with looming deadlines and countless distractions, it’s hard enough to finish your workload without having mounds of clutter around you. Get rid of those half-empty coffee cups, toss the candy wrappers, and put those files back where they belong – before your jump into work mode each day. Your office will feel refreshed and you’ll be more productive.

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What if you work from home?

Same thing applies. Take a few moments to tidy your space. Get rid of anything that doesn’t serve a purpose that makes your work day easier or more pleasant. When you work from home you have a tendency to print things out. Cut out all that extra paper by switching to a paperless system. Whether you use Google docs and the G Suite to house your documents, or you opt for a team based interface like Asana, you’ll appreciate it so much more when you can access all of your work, from anywhere at any time.

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a moment for you

Yur thoughts are powerful; especially the ones that you have at the start of your day. Make sure they’re positive and motivating. Remind yourself of all that you have to be grateful for and think of the things that matter to you most. This will help to balance your perspective and perk up your mood.

So before you start your morning social media scroll, enjoy a few moments with yourself. Be proud of who you are and who you’re becoming. Let go of any stressors that may have already agitated you and then… start!

How do you start your workday? Any rituals you want to share? Post in the comments!