Success is a broad term. Most of us accept the definition of success that others have established that’s often based on financial milestones or achieved status. But success is subjective and has unique meaning to different people. 

Don’t allow someone else’s ideas define what a fulfilling life looks like to you! 

As women, recent years have presented an increased opportunity for career progression, education, and entrepreneurship. But what about those of us that struggle to capitalize on the recent gains of women? … the ones that are ready but not really sure where to start?

Finding your own path to success can be a process, but we’re providing a few tips to help you on your journey to success.

be ready to earn it

No matter how many success stories you read, don’t expect to wake up one morning and suddenly find yourself being showered with money.

Be ready to work for it.

We live in a world where everyone is social media famous or online entrepreneurs; and while that lifestyle might be appealing to you, keep in mind that their accomplishments still took work and effort. Women that find success usually have the best work ethics and are committed to the process. They stay the course despite the ups and downs that can come with it.

Most women are just on the cusp of success when they give up. They don’t even realize that they have a sense of entitlement that tells them that a little effort should yield big results. When the opposite is true. Mentally prepare yourself to ditch any sense of entitlement and be ready to do the work!

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ways to make money

Achieving success often requires a level of financial abundance. But if you’re already busy you may be wondering just how to make that happen. Most people never start or pursue something new because they don’t have the resources, and they simply give up. Before you do the same, consider that there are probably ways to make more money right under your nose, that you haven’t even considered. 

Be open to increasing your income by thinking outside the box.

Whether it’s negotiating a pay raise with your current employer or getting a loan from paypal to expand your existing business, start looking for non-traditional resources and always seek ways to improve your finances. Be the woman that finds a way to make things happen!

For example, if buying stocks is a part of your wealth-building strategy but you don’t currently have disposable income, consider launching a side hustle or cutting expenses to free up extra cash.

The goal is to not be a victim to your current situation. Become a problem-solver, always finding a solution to the obstacles that present themselves – including how to make more money. 

find your balance

Success isn’t just improving your financial status… it also means living a fulfilling life. Being ambitious often wreaks havoc on your ability to balance your working life and your personal life. Don’t become so focused on your goals that you forget to take care of yourself. Create a self-care regimen and spend time doing things that you love. It’s okay to strive for success, just don’t forget to enjoy life along the way.

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be yourself

When you decide to do something different you may start to be overly critical of yourself. You may start comparing yourself to others or trying to be someone that you’re not. Sometimes when we see other’s achieving the success we desire, and we try to be more like them instead of being true to ourselves.

Embrace who you are.

It’s your one truly unique ability. 

For example: Just because others have found success as freelancers or working alone doesn’t mean you have to do the same. If you’re a people person, be a people person. Or, if your goal is to climb the corporate ladder, don’t switch gears and pursue entrepreneurship because everyone else is doing it.

Stay true to your own path. Because honestly, when you’re able to be yourself… authentically and unashamed, that’s when you’ve achieved the ultimate success!