We all love personalized spaces. Think about how long it took for you to get one room just right. But how much effort do we put into creating custom spaces for our little ones? Once they’re not so small anymore, decorating can get a little tricky.  

There’s a grey area when decorating for the child that’s transitioning from toddler to big kid.

You have to take their safety into consideration and create a space that influences creativity and exploration without forcing your sense of style on them. If there’s also a playroom, you’ll have an additional opportunity to fine tune the space to fit their growing preferences (and toy/gadget collection).

And since your home is the center of their universe, you’re going to want to give their space the attention it deserves.

sleep haven

Does your little one still creep into, and take over, your bed in the middle of the night? Are you tired of waking up half off your own mattress or with feet across your face? It might be time to start thinking of ways to make their sleep space a place that they prefer.

Perhaps it’s time for a bigger bed.

We tried numerous tricks to get my daughter to sleep in her own bed when she was little. From leaving a blanket that had my scent on in her room to nightlights and an oil diffuser seeping lavender essential oil into the air, nothing worked!

When my mother suggested getting her a larger bed, I wasn’t at all convinced. Why would I spend more money on a bigger bed when she wouldn’t sleep in the one she had? Eventually, I relented and bought her a queen size bed and to my surprise, she loved it. She was excited to go to be in her bed that was “her big girl bed like mommy’s”… joila! Who knew?

Tip: Don’t just grab any bed… do your research for comfort and stability. Think about it this way, if you’re going to upgrade their bed, choose one of good quality that will likely last you until they enter high school. Check out mattress collections from Vi-spring beds and casper.com.

creative space

If you’re at that stage that your dining table is starting to become the art table, you’ll want to incorporate a creative space into their room design. Kids are artistic. They have huge imaginations and they ooze creativity and while you don’t want to stifle their creative expression, you probably want to keep from having to clean, paint, or throw away things that you love. 

  • Consider painting one wall of their room with chalkboard paint.
  • Place a desk or table in there, so that they have a designated place to paint, color, and draw.
  • Put down a kid-friendly rug to protect your hardwoods or carpet.
  • Purchase easy to clean furniture and fixtures; and have storage for everything – Tupperware containers will be your best friend when it comes to storing pencils, crayons, and markers.

reading area

Your little one needs a comfortable spot to kick up their feet and grab their favorite book. This could be an oversized bean bag chair or a corner filled with various sized pillows where they can sit and read at their own leisure. The goal is to create a simple yet inviting space that becomes their go-to spot for reading.

Tip: Get them involved in the process and let them pick out their favorite style. 

As they become more independent your children will appreciate having their own individual space that reflects their individuality. You’re not just decorating their bedroom or playroom, you’re showing them the importance of well-curated spaces that are unique to why they are. It won’t hurt to make sure that everything has a place so that you can incorporate some lessons on cleanliness and organization too!