It doesn’t matter what season it is, your home should always feel cozy and comfortable. Don’t worry. We’re not talking an epic event or a total renovation. A few simple improvements will have your home feeling like the zen space you envisioned, in no time.

5 tips to creating a cozy home

Get Organized

Making good use of the space we have is key to creating a highly functional home. Having an organized kitchen is the first place to start. Think about it, it’s likely the most used room in your home and there are many moving pieced to keep up with (food, dishes, storage, utensil…etc.).

Since we often hold onto to things long after they should have been discarded, start by purging expired food, dishes you no longer use, and appliances that have collected dust for the last 6 months. Then, focus on maximizing your storage options and streamlining what you have. For example, are you constantly knocking over seasoning bottles when you’re cooking? Consider grabbing an inexpensive seasoning rack or lazy susan to make it easier to access what you need and cut down on the mess. 

We started with the kitchen because honestly if you can purge, organize, and clean your kitchen… you can tackle every other room in the house with ease!

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keep it cozy  

Creating a cozy home doesn’t just include running the heat/air or firing up the fireplace. Your interior design choices can also make a world of difference.

  • Consider painting in warm inviting colors. The right tones and hues can be instant mood boosters.
  • Add mood lighting or dimmers, so that you can control the ‘feel’ of the space.
  • Install towel warmers in the bathroom and add decorative but plush rugs to rooms with hardwood or cold-floor surfaces.
  • Check your options with Carpet One and maybe change your flooring out altogether and opt for heated flooring for year-round comfort.

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zen your bedroom

If your home is your castle, that pretty much means that your bedroom should be fit for a queen. Let’s start with the bed. The right mattress and comfortable linens can do wonders for your mood and your sleep quality. If you find yourself tossing and turning and have trouble getting to sleep, start with your mattress. A good one provides the right amount of support and comfort.

But having a cozy place to sleep isn’t the only component of a good night’s sleep. 

  • Keep your space clean and uncluttered.
  • Add scent stimulation with an oil diffuser or candle.
  • Decorate to match your taste and preferences.
  • Create ambiance with lighting.

Add decorative touches that make you feel good when you enter the room. Try a faux fur rug on the side of the bed or that piece of art that you’ve been admiring. The goal is to create a space that is inviting and relaxing… your own personal haven.

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make the outside livable

Building a patio area or installing a new deck may not be feasible options for you, but there are ways create livable and inviting outdoor spaces.

Spruce up the yard.

Don’t just cut your grass every week or so, spend some time creating a landscape. Use an edger to prevent overgrowth and plant a few (easy to maintain) annuals to add a little color.

Add seating.

You don’t have to add a large dining room size table or a massive outdoor section. Consider adding a couple of stylish rocking chairs, a porch swing, or a small weather-friendly bistro set. Having a place to enjoy your morning coffee or sip a glass of wine at the end of the night is like having your own personal oasis. 

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be secure

You won’t ever be completely comfortable in your home if you feel unsafe. Even if you live in a safe area, make sure that you take the proper steps to secure your home. Invest in a home security system and if you’re like me and you don’t want to lease your monitoring equipment, consider purchasing a wireless system from Swann. Or avoid monthly monitoring altogether by purchasing a self-monitoring system like ismartalarm or simplisafe.