This year is going by so fast and spring is inching towards us. So guess what that means… it’s time for a little pre-spring cleaning. Don’t worry if you’re reading this at any other time of year, these declutter tips are evergreen and universal.

One of the things that I love the most about this time of the year is that it’s like experiencing an awakening.

It’s the time right between everything being barren and dry, yet just before blooms start budding and green overwhelms the landscape. Chances are by now… you’re whole life needs to be decluttered. We can’t be our best selves when we’re surrounded by clutter and disorganization… and tell me, who has time for that?

Don’t worry. We’re not going to leave you hanging. We’ve created a few tips to help you purge, clean, and create a clutter-free life!

Do a little inventory & create a plan

Every project needs a plan. Yes, even your home projects. Take a moment to draw an outline of your home (or list out all of the spaces). This will allow you to assess the spaces that you want to declutter and decide which things you’ll want to donate or get rid of right off the bat. That way you can focus your decision-making process on those items that you’re not so sure about. 

Tiffany Nicole Forever Blog - how to de-clutter your home

Everything has a place… if it doesn’t – you probably don’t need it

Most professional organizers and tidy people would agree that everything in your home should have a place. If it doesn’t, is it something that you really need? Life is so much easier when you know where everything is. An organized space creates harmony, feng shui, and peace of mind.

Take a look at everything you own (room by room) and decide whether or not it serves a purpose.

  • Does it work?
  • Does it fit your current style?
  • Have you used it in the last year?
  • Do you have more than one?

Tip: If you find yourself struggling to decide on want to get rid of. Try this: get a temporary storage space (away from your home) like CDN storage. Place the items that you’re truly torn over there for a month or two and set a reminder on your phone. If you don’t miss them or feel like you need them when you receive the reminder: toss it, sell it or donate it.

Tiffany Nicole Forever Blog - how to de-clutter your home

When you begin to par down your belongings, you may find that fear creeps in. Think about the countless times you’ve held onto something because you might need it one day? Or that cute dress that’s still hanging in your closet even though it’s now 4 sizes too small. Or that yard sale find that you promised to paint and distress that’s still in the corner of the garage?

Don’t allow the fear of possibility keep you from creating harmony in your space. If you’ve had something for more than 6 months and haven’t used it, worn it, or even thought about it… it probably time to say goodbye. 

Sell it online and make a little cash 

If you’re really struggling to get rid of the old items that you know still have some value. Consider making a little extra money. It just might be the motivation you need. Take a few quality photos, write some descriptions and list your items on eBay, Facebook marketplace, or Shpock. Don’t waste the opportunity to profit from your former hoarding ways. The extra money can help you finance other things… like a getaway or paying down debt. 

Tiffany Nicole Forever Blog - how to de-clutter your home

Preserve sentimental items without having to keep them

Some items that we’re faced with having to let go of have significant sentimental value to us. I never thought getting rid of childhood toys would be difficult for me until I was faced with having to throw away the teddy bear my daughter was given for her first surgery at 7 months old. But I realized that it’s not the item that we struggle with, it’s the memory that we think it preserves.

If you feel guilty about throwing away something that has meaning to you consider doing what I did. I staged the bear artistically and took an amazing photo of it, that I was later able to enhance and exaggerate a little – and use it as art. To this day people ask me where I found that picture and I’m still comforted by having it.

Everyday life

The truth is that even after you complete this process, you’ll likely accumulate more stuff. So don’t let your efforts stop here. During the year, assess rooms that start to feel a little junky. Ask yourself if you need the what’s in there. Then decide: donate, sell or trash.