For a long time, women have been breaking down the barriers surrounding stereotypes when it comes to jobs and career paths. And while we still have some ways to go – because we need more women in boardrooms and c-suites – we’re not slowing down. 

If you’ve ever wanted to pursue an industry or path that’s considered male-dominated, you may have second-guessed your decision a time or two. Or, maybe you didn’t even get started because you were intimidated by the probability of success. It’s time to stop allowing tradition, irrelevant statistics, and an old way of doing things to hold you back from pursuing your dream career. 

The first step is figuring out what industry or field interests you. Then, do your research on jobs that fit your personality, skills, and education. But be careful, don’t fall into the trap of only applying for ‘common’ job roles. There are many positions that go unnoticed because people aren’t familiar with them.

In this article, we’re going to look at 3 different fields and career options that might be perfect for you!

caring for others

If your current job doesn’t let your personality shine, it may not feel like the right fit for you. Perhaps you’re in an office-based role that involves sitting in front of a computer all day doing administrative tasks. If you’re a sociable person, you may be craving social interaction. And if you’re the type of person who also likes to help others then it may be time to consider a new career path.

There are more high-paying jobs in healthcare that will allow you to care for others than you may think. If you’re interested in the healthcare field, don’t allow infomercials to convince you that your only options are medical coding or assisting. Did you know that nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants are two of the highest paying careers for women, period (not just in healthcare)? …or that sonographers make, on average, $70k+? It’s worth it do your research and know all of your available options. 

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good with numbers

If you’ve always been a good problem-solver you should pursue a career that lets your talents flourish. In business, there are numerous career options for people with analytical skills and logical minds. For example, if you enjoy figuring out discrepancies with numbers, you may want to consider a career in accounting. Or, if you enjoy working with people, analyzing data, and mapping out a plan of action, becoming a Certified Financial Planners could be perfect for you.

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You might be saying, ‘but numbers aren’t really my thing’.

Perhaps you’re better at analyzing questions or situations and finding the answer to a problem; or an alternative solution that others hadn’t considered. If this sounds like you, a career in investigative journalism, research, or even law, might be a good fit.

Look for companies or practices that are championing women in the workplace. You don’t want to just find a job that’s a good fit, you also want to be in the company of others that want to see you win. For example, the law firm Ogletree was recently ranked in the top 100 law firms for female attorneys. This means that they are at the forefront of fostering the career development of the women in their practice. Which is the type of company that you want to keep!

Tip: Be sure that you’re not just allowing a company to choose you. Remember, they need your skills. You should be interviewing them too!

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creative minds

If you’ve always been the creative type you’ve probably struggled in the traditional workplace. It can be difficult for creatives to find positions that suit their talents. This struggle is often amplified when it comes to women searching for jobs in the industry.

It might be time to broaden your search. Businesses are always looking for creative individuals. You just have to know where to look.

  • You may not think much of your drawing skills, but companies are regularly looking for illustrators and graphic designers.
  • If you’ve always been a talented wordsmith, consider a career as a staff writer, copywriter, editor, or digital content creator.
  • Think your social media savvy is just a hobby? Maybe not. Social media strategists are in high demand.
  • Maybe you’re good at planning, follow-up, and execution if so, a career in project management might be what you’re looking for. 

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