What really creates a cozy space? Is it the colors you choose, the furniture and accessories, or how you infuse your personality into your decor? We think it’s all of the above. 

Your home should be a curation of who you are. An eclectic blend of design, function, and comfort put together in a way that oozes personality.  

How your home feels is subjective, but how your home makes you feel is completely within your control. Just because something is popular or a particular style is on trend, doesn’t mean that it’s a good fit for you. For example, you may have what others believe to be the best kitchen in the world, and yet it’s still not exactly what you want it to be – which is perfectly okay. Your home is your haven… it’s time that it looked that way.

We’re giving you a few key areas to keep in mind when creating a warm and cozy space – just for you!


Even if we think we’re just buying art for the walls or a new couch for the family room… what we’re really doing is designing our space. Yep, you’ve now entered the realm of interior design. Don’t haphazardly throw your room together though. Instead, decide on a vibe, mood, or feel you want the space to have.

Consider the layout of the room.

You’ll want to have an understanding of how the room will flow and where the furniture will be placed. When you map out the room it helps you get clear on the scale of furniture that will work best in the space. For example, you may need a small corner sectional to maximize seating in a small space. While in a larger room, a modular sectional with a few extra chairs and a chaise may be a better fit.

Choose your colors

First, choose your foundation colors – these are the wall, trim, and large furniture colors. For example, you may choose medium grey walls, white trim, and a sand-colored sofa. The foundation colors create the backdrop. They should seamlessly integrate with different styles – so that if you want to change the mood of the room you can do so with accessories and textiles… but without having to paint or buy new furniture.

Next, choose your accessory colors. This can be a whole kaleidoscope of colors that will look good in the space and compliment your foundation colors. You might go with midnight blue, gold, and grey tones for pillows, throws, and rugs; and add bold/bright pops of colors with other accessories.

You want the room to reflect your style, not be a replica of a staged furniture showroom. Add greenery, books, fabrics, ceramics pieces, candles and artwork that speaks to who you are and what you enjoy. It’s all about creating your authentic space!


It’s easy to get so caught up in how you want a room to look, that you forget to make sure that it’s actually a functional space. While lucite chairs look great in pictures, they’re not necessarily the best choice for sitting and working for long periods of time. These are things that you’ll want to remember when you’re out shopping for the perfect pieces. 

You also want to think about your daily habits. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you’ll want to make sure that you have all the tools and cookware that you need. You also want the space to be well lit, that you have enough counter space, and that storage is functional. 


Your home is not a showroom… it’s the place where memories are made.

Sure, no one wants footprints on the couch or scratched up tables (from art projects or carelessness), but you also don’t want your home to feel like a museum. Choose furnishings and decor that don’t just create a great design and that are not just functional for everyday use… but also are comfortable and cozy for you and your family. That may mean forgoing the velvet sectional for something more practical – that you won’t be afraid to sit on. Trust me, on Sunday afternoon, when you’re binge-watching Netflix and eating chili… you don’t want to be uncomfortable on your super cute couch.

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There’s no perfect way to create the perfect space for you. It’s all about curating a home that creates intimacy, helps you connect with your loved ones, and that helps you enjoy your time. It’s about making memories and taking your space from house to home.