It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in, providing exceptional customer service should always be a priority. After all, your customers are your business. We’re here to help. We’ve compiled some of the most common customer service mistakes and how you can avoid them. 

Not training your staff properly

The best place to start, when you need to improve the customer experience, is with your employees. If your team is not trained to deliver exceptional customer service, you’ll lose customers every time. Be sure that you take the time to create standard operating procedures for your business and give your staff clear expectations on how all customer interactions should be handled, not just the ones that escalate. A proactive strategy is much better than a reactive one when it comes to customer service.

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Failing to listen 

In order to provide an outstanding level of customer service, you need to know what your customers want. This means that you have to be open to feedback, criticism, and praise. Many business owners make the mistake of only providing what they feel they should give, rather than putting themselves in their customers’ shoes. Talk to them and listen to there concerns and what they’re happy about. Try implementing a customer survey or feedback box.

Sending generic responses

Customers aren’t going to be happy with responses that look like they have been copied and pasted from a script. A personal touch is a must for effective communication. Be sure that when you’re responding to the customer that you include their chief complaint or concern, address them by name, and always include an option or resolution to their problem. 

Tip: Be sure to keep effective records. Don’t force the customer to do extra work to prove their concern. Be sure that you keep detailed customer records – whether it’s through a transaction portal (Paypal, Shopify… etc) or your own customer database system. At the least, you need a record of the customer what they purchased and their method of payment.

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Failing to keep your promises

Never promise anything that you’re not absolutely sure that you’re able to deliver. Stick to the golden rule – under promise and over deliver – and your customers will be happy every time.

Being inflexible when it comes to policy

Many business owners make the mistake of treating their policy as law. Not only can this lead to having a reputation for poor customer service but it can lead to escalated customer concerns as well. Instead, treat all of your customer interactions as opportunities to build personal relationships. This doesn’t mean that you concede on every customer challenge. It means that you choose your battles wisely and try to find a resolution that works for you and them!

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Not adding additional assistance when needed 

If your business is booming, you may find it difficult to handle every customer service issue that arises. Know when to outsource, and when to keep things in-house.

For example, if you need help with customer service emails or phone calls, consider virtual assistant services A virtual assistant may be able to help you deliver fast responses to customers and keep issues from escalating.

Or if you have a brick and mortar store, consider adding a separate cashier that only handles customer service issues. This way your existing customers feel valued when they need to speak to someone regarding their transaction.